Friday, August 20, 2010

Jew is unacceptable

Sorry I haven't been posting much just recently. I have a new habit via my iPad. The Words with friends app is like crack for me. I have always loved Scrabble more than is respectable but my partner is not a big Scrabble fan, to say the least. When my daughter introduced me to the free app where I could play 24/7 with random people it was was like The. Best. Thing. Ever.
So, that's where I've been, and… I understand that the dictionary is limited (no, 'RADIONS'?) and there have to be some controls and my attempt to play 'cunt' recently might have offend my opponent but, 'JEW'. Give me a break.

Also: If there's a way to screen dump the iPad screen please let me know. Photographing the screen is so pants.

PS: I went with 'CREW"


  1. Post, post: Seems 'COON' is acceptable though.

    from WikiPedia -
    Coon may refer to:
    Coon, an abbreviation for raccoon
    Coön (Κόων, Κόωνος), a Trojan warrior who fought in the Trojan War
    Coon cheese, is the trademark of a cheddar cheese produced by the Dairy Farmers company in Australia
    an ethnic slur used for black people
    Coon Carnival, a yearly minstrel festival in Cape Town, South Africa
    "The Coon", an episode of US animated series South Park

    I wonder which definition was acceptable?

  2. I now realise that Jew is unacceptable because it is a proper name.