Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wikipedia: "McCluskieganj is a town in Jharkhand State, India. It is about 40 miles northwest of Ranchi. The town used to have a significant Anglo-Indian community, however this has declined. The town was founded by the Colonization Society of India in 1933 as an independent homeland for Anglo-Indians and was home to 400 Anglo-Indian families within ten years. [In 1932 Ernest Timothy McCluskie the founder of the town sent circulars to nearly 200,000 Anglo-Indians in India inviting them to settle there. Of the nearly 300 original settlers, only 20 families remain, as most of the Anglo-Indian community left after World War II."

A cluster of links: TIME: "Letter from India: No Place Like Home". Homeland for the Anglo-Indians?: "Fotos from the Gunj". India Currents: "Red Hibiscus Among Abandoned Houses". Deep Blue Ink: "The romance of a forgotten Anglo-Indian summer". RootsWeb: "McCluskieganj was a dream — a dream that never came true". The Armchair Historian: "Chutney Mary". Indian Express: "Caste away". Naxal Watch: "Glorious journey of McCluskieganj on way to end". Memory, identity and productive nostalgia:: "Anglo-Indian home-making". Hinduism Today Magazine: "Between Two Worlds Bharat's Anglo-Indians struggle with identity". The McCluskiegunj Gallery: "'The Skippers', from: The Colonization Observer, March-April, 1938 issue".

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