Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delicious dump 1

With Delicious closing I figure I'll have to park my bookmarks somewhere until I find an alternative.
The Ingoing
Oscar Brand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Projects - commented on from here
Joe Lazarus
Vanity Barcodes - Functional Decorative Barcodes UPC EAN
Japanese blog
Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. & Majestic Record Corporation
Knight Center for International Media Homepage
Picture of the day with links
Open Directory - Reference: Libraries: Special Collections
電子展示会 | 国立国会図書館-National Diet Library
ART - Usernames vimeo Paperheart
The Costumer's Manifesto: Weird Links: Costume- Related Sites of an Unusual Nature
735786.jpg 600×385 pixels
DSpace Repository List
The Magical Misadventures of the Black-Clad Bodhisattva: January 2009
Reflections of a Newsosaur
Video Data Bank: Black and White Tapes (Excerpt)
Reconstitutions historiques en 3d
Picture books from 1810 to 1950 - Collections - the Memory of the Netherlands (het Geheugen van Nederland)
Let me google that for you
MATTHEW BUCHINGER - The Little Man of Nuremberg | The Human Marvels
::: UW Libraries Digital Collections :::
Some Came Running
The Punch Project
Forced Labor 1939 - 1945: Access to the Online Archive
More colleges prohibit romance between students, faculty
The Sydney Institute
Highlights of Digital Scriptorium
mesa revuelta
American RadioWorks
Sony Ericsson iSync Plugins 1.8.5 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker
Study spoken English free online with native speakers
NASA - Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
ARISTASIA FORUMS & SOCIAL NETWORK • View topic - Hello World(s)
Band of Thebes
Your Final Candidate of Choice
Long Trail Photographs
Special Collections - University of Exeter
Norka - iMGSRC.RU Некрасово (Норка \ Norka, Вейганд), Красноармейский р-н, Саратовская обл. on vovkakak.iMGSRC.RU
Australian Broadcasting Corporation for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store
The Age of Uncertainty
Gypsy Caravan: Introduction - StumbleUpon
Radio 4
MeFi Social Explorer
Arizona License Plates
Business Executive Suites
Slovenian posters
Washington Post
Journal of Distraction - Week 1, Monday - by Michael Kelly
Quark License Administrator
Citibank Australia
LinkMachineGo | neo-maxi zoom linky | a weblog
Ptak Science Books: The Healthy Coal-Miner in the Pyramid of Life, or Death? 1912 NUMBERS?
Magic: A Picture History
urban seagull: Étienne-Jules Marey (1830 - 1904)
Landline - 22/06/2008: Hard Labour . Barwell Boys
Neo-Nazi Training Camp: Global Social Policies and Governance, University of Kassel, Germany
Cuca Records Database Databases
Ancient Theatres/ Greek and Roman Theatre Architecture
Taringa! - Link blog
The Kingdoms Of Elgaland-Vargaland ::: news
design feeds aggregator
Stephen Kroninger - LINKS--POSTERS
Adding broccoli to a website
Chinese slur comic
The Long Now Blog
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Godey's Lady's Book Online Home Page
Michelle Wigzell
Government requests directed to Google and YouTube
Accessible Archives | About the Archives
MetaFilter Totally Explained
George Pickingill and the Origins of Modern Witchcraft FAQ Page
AFL Ladder - Yahoo!7 Sport
Nieuhof Travels
The Volokh Conspiracy
YouTube - Ahilasamy's Channel
Bizarre Mental Disorders (List) | Alchemipedia
MATEO: Herzlich Willkommen
How photos prevent seeing
[%~小妞~%] young blog
Reem Falaknaz (reemfalaknaz) on Twitter
The war diary of Dieter Finzen in WW1
Complete first issue set of Ham License Plates, from the Mike Ludkiewicz collection. Now with STORY.
Oriental Institute | Highlights from the Collection: Deities
Introduction - The Early Chinese Canadians, 1858-1947 - Library and Archives Canada
DOS Walkout
Translation result for
Joshua Project - Ethnic People Groups of Australia
Tuva-Online | Latest News From Tuva
Google Translate
boeing82 prematurely closed and now reopened | MetaTalk
The Diary Junction Blog
Sportspeople Online Magazine and Writers' Network
Les 12 cahiers du Centenaire de l'Algérie - Page personnelle de Aj.Garcia
University of Houston Digital Library : Home
The Photographic Gun « The Mental Museum
Body Snatchers - Lapham’s Quarterly
Subsystence - charbrew
Milton D. Crandall - Google Dance marathon promoter
The Digital Collections of IUPUI University Library : Search Results
Carden Loyd tankette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fred's Head from APH
St.George Bank
Michael Kelly's Page of Misery
Free PDF books search
Prints, Drawings & Watercolors from the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection
New Art
INFOAMÉRICA - La América de Théodore de Bry
LOL Manuscripts!
Russin cosmonaut ceremonies
Chirimen Books Database
Nichibunken Databases
Les finestres del temps
Trunt, Trunt, and the Trolls in the Fells
Pronunciation of borborygmi - pronounce borborygmi correctly in English.
WOOFSTOCK ::: The Largest Festival For Dogs In North America ::: :::
Scar Stuff
Institute of Sport Management
::: Eric A. Hegg Photographs :::
Exploring Colonial Mexico. The Espadaña Press web site
Nighthawk by Jim Theis
One Umbrella
TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Science Continuum - Archives
Why are people kissing cortex's ass? | MetaFilter
Taste of a decade: restaurants, 1900-1910 « Restaurant-ing through history
Search Documents: illustrated - 1 - Dialnet
80 Million Tiny Images
Virtual Exhibits - Canada
Virtual Museum - Spanish
The Skeptics
Stephen Kroninger A Box of magazines
WWII and Post War YL "Spark" Stories
Oriental Institute | Persepolis and Ancient Iran
honkzilla's profile | MetaFilter
Leiden library
Patti Smith, Part I - Bookworm on KCRW
Hoity Toity
HYUNDAI: How do you pronounce it? - Yahoo! Answers
Quizzing - Passion, art and career | Hafta Magazine
Ardalambion - Tolkiens languages
Blogs - My Modern Metropolis
Bulletin of the Asia Institute
Spinning the Elements
It's not chaos, it's just life - 0 comments
Iliad: List of the Dead
NSW Department of Transport
Timeline - Mefi Wiki
Roland Bonaparte à Tromsø
Millennium People - look at peeps
The British critic - Google Books
A trip to the Wyatt Earp mine and camp (photo) - True West Historical Society
Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World
The Church of Yahweh
"Lucienne Day" - Google Search
Hand cutting
Yul Brynner: The Stork Club Show
One Umbrella Report
Statistics ismhome
Undeserved self-tick
British Columbia Ham Radio License Plates
grey area
East Asia Image Collections | Digital Collections
YouTube - Woman's Last Stand: Dodge Charger Commercial Spoof
Historical Thesaurus of English
Akira Kurosawa movie poster - Judo Saga
Aupair World - Au Pair Profile
SwipeLife - Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine
Syrup and Tang
Ockham's Razor talks
Create a new user | MetaFilter
Portus Project - Archeology in Italy
Digital Peer Publishing NRW - eJournals
Cooliris | Media browser plug-in, mobile app, gallery builder
Sic Semper Tyrannis
YouTube - No Asians
the die is cast
Contemporary Dance Video Database Contemporary Dance In Istanbul, Turkey -
jjg's profile | MetaFilter
Australian Rail Training
Eurovision wallchart
html code
Rare Natural History Book by Renard
Travels With "Lapham's Quarterly": Stealing Bodies in Montpellier, 1554 | Slow Travel
dandy gum
Jackson Wells Communications
Pronunciation of borborygmus - pronounce borborygmus correctly in English.
Weekend On The Couch | Ask MetaFilter
ART - Sacred Mtn.
Recommended History links -
Les finestres del temps | Consells per a dones solteres
Evans & Peck - Garry
1823-1824: The Byron Chronology - Scholarly Resources, Romantic Circles
COLONIAL VOYAGE. The website dedicated to the Colonial History and to Travel in the world countries
High-Street.Org - The Web's Bitter Afterbirth / High Street
SULAIR: Classics: Electronic Resources at Stanford
Welcome to Seiyaku _ The Cross
YouTube - The Gruen Transfer - S1 E1 P2/4
Le Supplément illustré
The Holinshed Project - Chronicles of England
Anna Dumitriu Arts
Alexander Fleming « Microbial Art
The Name Engine - Correct Name Pronunciation
Lone Sentry What's New: Recent Website Updates
12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire -
Mediterranean Archaeology
Swen's Weblog - Artists mentioned in the WIRE magazine
Bear Alley British comics
Ralf Uhe - City Mengeringhausen - History 1234 - 1974
OMACL: The Song of Roland
Google Translate
Lens and Sensibility
A Russia of My Own*
Internet Names Worldwide
HIDVL video social performances
Trivandrum Fast Forward
deleted threads
Rare Book Room
My Parents Were Awesome
BBC Archive - Collections
University of Manitoba: U of M - Libraries - Archives & Special Collections - Digital Archives
Pioneers Index
British History Online - Main Page
MacTutor History of Mathematics
Kelly Services
NZ On Screen - Spot On: The First Episode
Galactic Central Magazine civers
beeswacky and plegmund
Fred Hollows
Monuments @ the Netherlands - Germany: Travel Pictures Country next to Country
"Henry Fuseli" - Google Search
-e国宝- Japanese museum
Search Results - Forums
Home - Trove
Retro Roms | TOSEC | No-Intro | Megaupload | Roms - Every search is a direct hit - rapidshare search engine
Folderol - a Spooky Librarians Production
Pacifica Radio Archives
Triple Pendulum applet
Vintage Works - Special Photo Exhibitions
Weekly Teinou 蜂 Woman
Interactive Architecture - Design and Modern Architecture
Galactic Research Institute - Solutions to the global crisis, the living prophecy of the Rainbow Bridge and Universal Peace by 2012.
The Week – The best of the Australian and foreign media
Funny Names of Towns and Cities
jeffp's profile | MetaFilter
How we lost coloured fonts
The content is the Cargo
Home Page - Television Tropes & Idioms
Buffalo's Ruminations
The content is the Cargo
MetaTalk archives - Bonnie Blog
University of Manitoba: -
BBC NEWS | Americas | US army enlists anthropologists HTS
REVIEWS: In pursuit -DAWN - Books and Authors; January 14, 2007
IFLA Corporate Partners
Members area
Widescreen Museum Lobby - Select Cinerama, CinemaScope, VistaVision, Todd-AO, Technirama, or Ultra Panavision
Centralia Pennsylvania Photography - Underground Mine Fires burning since 1962 in Centralia PA.
Trivandrum Rising - Our city tomorrow and how we can help it develop.
enigma - using metafilter feed
C903 iSync software
Guide to Snowflakes
Home - Inside Higher Ed
The Tomorrow Weblog : Emerging technologies, innovative applications, new economy
Dept. of Family & Community Services
Denmark Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010 / BIG | ArchDaily
Levine | You Are What (and How) You Eat
835538.jpg 356×500 pixels
Question guy - so many questions
Sean Teegarden (seanteegarden) on Twitter
Bone Girl
sky full of bacon
Famous Trials - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder
Fish Index
100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars | Online Universities
KOBRA - DSpace an der Uni Kassel: Communities and Collections
Domain / Email Forwarding
MP Travel
Neato Coolville
Tax Office
Ambigrams by nagfa
Pictures with walking sticks
Russian Film
Index of /Library - Yudu open directory
Porn class underenrolled - a thaumaturgical compendium
Volpin Props: Aquarium Photoshoot!
Key Card Collect - Hotel room keycards collection
Space forum and pics
Cityark - Home
British Journal of Photography - Copyright won't be infringed in digitisation project, says British Library
EurekAlert! Public News List
Georgia O'Keeffe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stalking! - GupShup Forums
The Smart Set
World Loanword Database (WOLD)
Paris inondé 1910
violet mist (countvronsky) on Twitter
Mefi User Sites
Katz Downloads
Common-place Grahics issue
Project facade
Zouave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective
Início - Portugal digital
Les Classiques des sciences sociales
Lincoln articles - at TREND HUNTER
GazoPa Blog
Stop Indoctrinating Children - Christian Newswire
Hooked on Los Gatos
The Toynbee convector
438883.jpg 374×500 pixels
The Visigothic Code: Forum Iudicum -- Master Page
Jerks in Your Area: Funny and strange posts from around the world.
Museums: Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)
Get Your Old Mac Online
George Ansbro - The Stork Club Show
YouTube - Paul McCarthy - Peter Paul Chocolate Factory at Maccarone
Austral Mercantile
Blogs | Indian Blog Directory | Blog Submit | Add Blog Url | Blog Advertising
Letter from India: No Place Like Home - TIME
Global Voices Online
The World's Largest Record Collection - Jaw dropping awesome.
HTML Reference
GGGM - Greek Mythology Link
Events of the 1960s--Operation 'Sailor Hat' Explosive Tests, February-June 1965
Julia Lundman: Hummingbird Sketches
Ubergizmo, The Gadget Blog
OneBallJay's profile | MetaFilter
JavaMuseum 2010 – Celebrate! / 10 Years JavaMuseum – netart features 2010
Mediterranean Ceramics
Locative case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Princeton University - Library digitizes collection of historic New Jersey maps
Halifax Vogel
Dutch railway stations
Alltop, all the top stories
Princes Iron Fan
Video Data Bank: Paul McCarthy
University of Macau :: Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies
Housing the Spectacle
BBC One Television, The BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
hinterglasmalerei - reverse glass painting
Seawings - sea planes
A17-fuenteheron (ELECTRICALIA)
jacanj's profile - 1 question 1 year
Aristasian Glossary
something secret
fred - used car
Mocha Momma
Blue Peacock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fred's Head from APH: 09_09
CCEd: Links An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need
Giles Bowkett
Hobby-O - (The Diary of John Cam Hobhouse, edited by Peter Cochran)
Anemi - Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies the making of, the making of: movies, art, &c., by greg allen
Fuji Xerox Printers : Downloads
antologia portatile dei fatti notevoli.
Open Salon: Blogs
Anatomy Models - Argument
Oxide Flake
Google Blog Directory
Barnacle Press: Comics 1.0
About Us ~ The Gold Medal Exhibitions
Dragon invasion
Sitedossier profile for site:
Jugend - German Youth magazine
Open Source
PRI's The World
Society of American Archivists
Art Sponge
CEB - Turning the Pages Plus
Illinois Press Book Blog
Retro Living and Design from the 50s, 60s and 70s | Ultra Swank
George Gamow - Visual Wikipedia
Bhutan Mushrooms
Japanese places
American Chronicle
Home - The School of Life
Plebian 12 not 8
VoS: Dance
Fakeproject Corporation of America: Home.
Soundscapes: Links to other sites
masks | MetaFilter
Felicidade pela instrucção, Lisboa, 1854 - Biblioteca Nacional Digital
The Greatest Generation of Weblogs? | Ask MetaFilter
Duths dance
The Age of Uncertainty
Data Wales index and search page.
Emilio the Moor
Hinduism Today Magazine - Between Two Worlds - McCLUSKIEGANJ> May 1998 - Publications
Leeds International Classical Studies
Vampire pumpkins and watermelons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TAZ History: Kowloon Walled City | Technoccult
Russian links bagpipes
Romanian museum collections
refi : metafilter in review
Barwell - Immigration to Australia, 1901-39
History Blogs | Blog Directory | Blog Submit | Add Blog Url | Blog Advertizing |
y2karls deleted youtube Vintage Rockabilly On The YouTube | MetaFilter
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metafilter - bar
The Cunning Men of Essex
Best threads
Tap code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Duels and Dueling on the Web
NYPL Digital Gallery | Results - col_id:175
The illustrated Natural History
Die Anstalt - Psychiatrie für misshandelte Kuscheltiere
ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia | Screenplays by Alex Cox
Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction
Foreign Dispatches
Knowing and Doing: Computing Archives
Ananka's Diary
My Mom, The Style Icon
Blog Top Sites - Directory of the Best Blog Sites
World Wide Words
Paris 1900
Oxford University papers
Tom's Place - Carmen Sylva Regina Elisabeta, Queen Marie Regina Maria, Princess Ileana, Romania, English Concertina, Classics Illustrated, Chicago
::: King County Collects :::
Google Books Tips and Tricks? | Ask MetaFilter
Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More
CSAIL | MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Browse Collections (B), Online Archive of California
Volga Germans
Gróf Teleki József (1790-1855), a "M. Academia Könyvtára" alapítója
University of South Carolina /All Locations
do you think i care by Robert Grothendieck
Aimee Teegarden (Aimeeteegarden) on Twitter
ART - links from Siggi Eggertsson
Paul McCarthy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
January 2009 Archives | MetaFilter
YouTube - That Mitchell and Webb Look - The Green Clarinet
Periscope Studio
Searching for the Lost Colony DNA Blog
Urania (magazine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The History Cooperative
Metafilter Wiki: Home
DLIR e-Resources
Musings of An ADHD Mind
Museum Syndicate: Browse Collection by Tag
Roerich Mongolia Website
Caffiene - google
Radio On!
Ogri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blog - Steamboats Are Ruining Everything
Description found in Archives - Search - Library and Archives Canada
The Cat's Meat Shop: A Child of the Jago
5 Most Read Posts « 9 after 909
Search mathowie's Activity | MetaFilter
ViewFinder - Home
American Pickers — TV Episodes, Schedule, & Video
Internet Archive: Free Download: Log-book of a fisherman and zoologist
Wellerism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daniele Tamagni - sapeur
Wilson Revolution Unplugged
Martin Armstrong Economic Essays, Currency Trading, Global Economic Analysis, Princeton Economics, Kondratieff Wave, Kwaves, Prison, Business Cycles, Currency Trading, Gold and Silver Investing
Fotos Ibi - august - Picasa Web Albums
Ascom Style Guide Home
McCLUSKIEGANJ - Google Search : Collections > Moteur Collections
Carberry Collection of Caribbean Literature (University of Illinois at Chicago) : Browse
What's Going On in World History - Where you Provide the Entertainment!!
Colonial First State
Home - Open Images
Penny Postcards
Kitchen Retro
Screen Archive South East England
Robinson's Difference Engine #1
American Social History
UF/IFAS Best of the Bugs Award Site
Picture Album of Annual Festivals in the Miyako
Anglo-Indian Home Page
Welcome to the West Yorkshire Archive Service Online Catalogue: Home Page
The Cat's Meat Shop - Victoriana
Biblioteca Digital de Obras Raras
Library Digital Collections : Home
Matt Did That
U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library
Árran - Sami Culture (Saami Culture)
The Saami - Samisk - Sámi: Pre - Christian Sami Religion, Shamans and Gods - Førkristen Samisk Religion, Sjamaner og Guder
Accountants Superannuation Fund
SourceWatch - SourceWatch
First music suggestion
List of parasites (human) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unicode Characters Example
Information on Collections of Japanese Art
Current local time in Massachusetts, United States
Kramerius - Document type selection
Lost city - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Accidental Russophile
David K's BAJA Adventures
de Grummond Children's Literature Collection - Related Sites
Falling from a height research
American Farm School: Home
ABC Now - ABC Online
Character Entity Chart
Hestia Project: Findings
KRS Logos
Prices « Restaurant-ing through history
Fascinated by the Orient: Aurel Stein (1862-1943)
Mammals of China & Mongolia
Boom Bang a Blog – Eurovision Song
WNYC - Radio Lab
Ascom picture gallery
Birds @ the Netherlands - Germany: Travel Pictures in Category Animals Search.
Blow in Her Face AskMefi feed
Blog | SULAIR Stanford images
Allee Willis biography
Old Indian Photos
Making of America
SPARROW sound and picture archive of women
Jules Garnier, Ingénieur-Explorateur 1839-1904
closinglogogroup : The Closing Logo Group
The Bygone Bureau — A Journal of Modern Thought
China Heritage Quarterly
First footage captured of giant sea serpent of the deep: the oarfish
DSpace at Cambridge: Home
Bulgarian forum
Mostly Forbidden Zone
MacGyver's How-To Guide
The n-Category Café Mathematical physics
Playing cards google
Marble River's Ephemera: Mapback
Mutate! | General Interest Blog for Weirdos
Up in Alaska
Hang Fire Books
Fountain group photo
García Media | Blog
Sideblog Archive | MetaFilter - personal weblog
Camera Club Girls: Bettie Page and The work of Rudolph Rossi
Harold Bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MeFi Jabber Server
Crooked Timber — Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made
Echoes of Concrete
Knight Center for International Media Homepage
A Dance to the Music of Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Poemas del río Wang
90.3 WCPN
SwopNet Engineering Databank -- Septic Systems, Steam Equipment and Other Engineering Specialties
TAX Calculator
YouTube - Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy)
News aggregator | Edward Piou's personal website
Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide
The Scout Report -- Volume 16, Number 6
Digibur. Proyectos de digitalización. Biblioteca Universidad de La Rioja
Online Buddhist Class
Australia Post
sweet juniper!
GREECE: Farm School - TIME
China: cracks in the Three Gorges Dam, so 300,000 people can wave goodbye to their homes – Telegraph Blogs
Evans and Peck
MetaLib™ - Pesquisa Rápida
ASIC Free Company Name Search
Holly Hodges (chiatdaynight) on Twitter
Emilio el Moro
Ascom Nira
Digital Collections
Niubi: American Book Teaches Chinese Crude Language | chinaSMACK
Explore Tracks - SoundCloud
Monster Magazine Ads
Russian links
Sebina OpenLibrary
Panos London : Pushed to the edge : Fanja: forest is forbidden
CrossAsia | Home
The Armchair Historian - McCluskieganj | Hafta Magazine
Cefael :: Browse
The Edge of the American West
Username change
Architecture: LEGO® creations by Matija Grguric :
Who's Alive and Who's Dead
Miro Guide - Video Podcast Directory
Bulfinch's Mythology
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: New Additions - Current Year
Classic ads on YouTube
Nature's Crusaders
Future Tense
A huge collection of vases
0000-home (circuciencia) SCIENCE
American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) Library - Virtual Collections
In The Company Of Glenn: The end of an era
Groupie contacts - me 1
History of Borrego Spings, CA
Goodey's Lady's Book
The Popuplady - Specializing in movable paper
Matapihi images from NZ
The Dance Heritage Coalition
African Tribes - Indigenous People of Africa
"Touch not the cat but a glove" - Google Search
Interrobang's satire and parody stories
MobileRead Wiki - E-book Reader Matrix
Screen Search Fashion | Screen Archive South East
Wolbachia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Ruhlman - Translating the chef's craft for every kitchen
Digital Library of the Week
Project 365 2010 | Three Ring Circus
Sav-Way Discography
Daily Rotten: Weird News
Australian Edged Hacked By Dz BoyS
100 Great Black Britons - Resources
General Eclectic's incoherent Universe
What the fonds?
YouTube - HistoryOfWidescreen's Channel
383432.jpg 600×401 pixels
Just another bloke running for Team Asha
Roland Bonaparte photographe
Awesome Tapes from Africa
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Blandness
It was 20 Years Ago Today...Edward Abbey Lives! | Front Porch Republic
Japan & Brazil
South Carolina Digital Library | South Carolina's Central Resource for Digital Collections
diagonal thoughts » Blog Archive » Pecha Kucha
Siphon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
fotoAleph / Principal
YouTube - SinfullySara's Channel
Geopark archeology and wonders
Yoik MP3s
Bison Bill’s Weird West: Sally Rand’s Nude Ranch
Historical and literary curiosities
Trivandrum A Tourist Paradise
Cintra Wilson
Radio National
"boy immigration" - Google Search
Music Library | SULAIR
2000 World Congress
Scholarly Communications @ Duke
Google Buzz
Offbeat Blog
Facebook | African Militia & Rebel Appreciation Group
Unicode table for you
About Monologues
Stylex Carpets_index
NewsArse - UK News Satire
Hairy Museum of Natural History
In Mala Fide
The Debut in 1980 « M a s s t r a n s i s c o p e - Bangkok Tramways (1894-1968)
Sewer History: Photos and Graphics
Norka, Russia
South Asia study resources compiled by Frances Pritchett, Columbia University
Les finestres del temps
SkipScreen :: Add-ons for Firefox
Yellow Pages
Political Economy Blog Posts - Blog Top Sites
Sami Yoik (Saami Joik) and Music - complete guide to mp3 and video
Links : Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research : University of Sussex
Savage Club - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Granta Magazine
New Albion Records - John Cage
Maria Wolonski (wolon) on Twitter
2009 Bonefolder Bind-O-Rama || The Book Arts Web
The Medieval Bestiary
Hoberg Resort
Ralph Blumenthal - The Stork Club
Blog < The Arts Catalyst
The Morning Delivery
This Old Poem: Rehabilitating The Worst In Verse!
Free Online Unicode Character Map
YouTube - expo1900's Channel
American Civil War Digital Collections: Rosenthal Lithographic Prints of Civil War Encampments : Home
New Bee Sniffing Technology Can Detect Many Dangerous Vapors At Once
Jerome Holeyman's LiveJournal -- Entries
Architonic | architecture and design
British School at Athens > Library & E-Resources > E-Resources > Online Databases
Ushahidi in Action
Manuales GRATIS
Sept 11
Posthuman Blues
Site de Philippe Remacle
Branded in the 80s
what is the best post - The Return of Talking Time
Slaughter at Ueno Zoo
ChinaGeeks » “Government Historians’ Ten Minute Speed Program”
Hand Signals at The Stork Club « A Continuous Lean.
Financial & Economic Infographics -
Japanese Brazilian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the die is cast casino carpet gallery 1
Abandoned igloo hotel... kitsch and concrete
Speed test
Evans & Peck - Mike
San'at :: Archive of San'at magazine
Col·leccions digitalitzades
Talgat Nigmatulin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC Education - Tweenies - Jake
Stephen Kroninger - DUTCH TREAT CLUB AT WAR
Tapwater Jackson Living Small
Virtual autopsy
Ed Kashi
Online resources. West Yorkshire Archive Service
The Expanded Dictionary of Obscure
SpaceCollective Recent posts
2009 novembre | Rasbaille
Welcome to the Lu Rees Archives : Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children's Literature : University of Canberra
High life postcards - Digital Library of Slovenia
Naxal Terror Watch: Maoist fear hits development, McCLUSKIEGANJ
World Affairs Journal
Liz Ellis
Jap flash
Japanese links
415940.jpg 373×500 pixels
WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier
White Pages
The Spy Who Billed Me
SL OLD HIT SONGS Add Here - ElaKiri Community
Norka, Russia - Agriculture
YouTube - ancjr's Channel Sailor Hat
Stephen's Lighthouse
Blogs collaboratifs
Wolbachia pipientis Hertig 1936 (Approved Lists 1980) - Encyclopedia of Life
CARLI Digital Collections : Home
Cleves Hours
World Simulators and Crowdsourcing Solutions to Save the Ape // Brainsturbator
Joel Johnson
Naxal Terror Watch - Almost like being there
Flak Photo
100000 - Google Search
Sports Australia
The Boeing 314 Clipper
Red Hibiscus Among Abandoned Houses - India Currents
from the morgue
Podcasts - 10 of the Best Research Projects 2009
joshua's blog - memepool
Open Research Online - Browse by Year
FMO - The Stork Club
Qantas 80th Birthday
russiamania blog
Global Nerdy
Introduction to the Project « mandolin and unicycle
Ani Moller
The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project
Statistics for Liz Ellis - Soviet posters
Login Message Board Manager
Sailor hat
CyberSlug Labs | SlugWire
W4RF - Projects
Suicide Blonde
hanuman - StumbleUpon
Varzesh-e Pahlavani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Protest Erupts as Gallaudet University Plans Offensive Homosexual 'Jesus' Play with Federal Tax Dollars - Christian Newswire
Metafilter Contribution Index
Applied Math and Science Education Repository - Home
UNL Digital Collections | Browse
GCB Excluded Person List
Best Brands of the World - vector logos, brand, logo, logotype, photos
Imagecorp space
Does this look infected?
Witkacy: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (1885-1939)
Golden Oldie - Aunt May
John Delaney Photography
Vision 2020 - The Right to Sight
The Alger Hiss Trial - Nixon - McCarthy
Where is the Royal Poldavian Academy? | neverendingbooks
British Journal of Photography – professional photography news, camera reviews, images, exhibits, photos
South Australia's British Farm Apprentices 1913-14
Igorot - isneg kalinga
Japanese videos
UC Santa Cruz user pages listing
British Academy - British Academy | the National Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Plaza Suite: History of Trump Plaza | Plaza Suite: History of Trump Plaza | Casino Connection Atlantic City
2 Tone Records - Cover Versions
The Oyster and Wine
Activity from jbelkin | MetaFilter
784142.jpg 330×500 pixels
Motco cookes Thames
Tail o' the Rat
Google music - Payola?
borrego modern
Grothendieck’s letter « Secret Blogging Seminar
Steve Wozniak (stevewoz) on Twitter
Mission Australia
Cats and dogs in the animal cruelty law
LRB · Andrew O’Hagan · Diary
ANISTORITON Journal of History, Archaeology, ArtHistory: ArtHistory
tiny dreams
Kids' Doc in Jos
The History Cooperative || Booker T. Washington Papers
imagining the real world
Mountain Voices: oral testimonies from mountain and highland regions round the world: home page
Broadcast History Resource Links
Art: vintage
Martinique sacrifice - French
Black Triangle » Powerpoint Ninja Doug Zongker
Panoramio - Photos of the World
BibliOdyssey (BibliOdyssey) on Twitter
Marree Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anemi - Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies - Greece in 1823 and 1824 : being a series of letters and other documents on the Greek revolution written during a visit to that country / by the honourable Colonel Leicester Stanhope ; illustrated with se..
Tennant: Digital Libraries - Blog on Library Journal
Gallery - Masterworks in Petri dishes - Image 1 - New Scientist
Lawrence Helm's Blog - Heidegger
Robert Smithson: Spiral Jetty
Books - Digital National library of Serbia
PCL LinkDump
Bristol Radical History Group
El Desván del Abuelito
The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960
April Winchell
Hellbox: Damage, Smelt, Recast
it's deadlicious™
MP3 Search
Quotations by Berlin
The McCluskiegunj Gallery
ITER, Discover the present - THE PROJECT
New Jersey Casino Control Commission | List and Photos
Open Culture
Off the Page - Poetry
Best of ROS
ieb - Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros - USP
Visual Anthropology of Japan
coisas do arco da velha
Insurance Watch
Bukisa - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money
Garibaldi and the Risorgimento
Seven Settlement Houses-Database of Photos (University of Illinois at Chicago) : Browse
Hang (musical instrument) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YouTube - phoenixfilmandvideo's Channel
Child Migration, Page 1 - Kibble, A Lasting Legacy. Residential, secure, education, fostering, social enterprise, training for young people and youths.
Región de Murcia Digital - Archivos Históricos
The Geek Culture Forums: Your News!
Popular Tags | MetaTalk
stop stalking  - Universität Kassel
DOG, CAT & HORSE: Military and dressage
SULAIR: Music Library > Partners & Collaborators
Centres de ressources - links
zakkorama: 50s: DUKE ELLINGTON
The Virtual Dime Museum
Ask MetaFilter XXX
Technoccult | General Interest Blog for Weirdos flash developer
His grenades are of a wrong system
Iraqi Insurgents Capture Human Terrain System Member: John Stanton « ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY
India: radioactive in Delhi
British Pathe
Nuestra Mirada - Latin Photography
SavifaDok-Database Public Domain, eBay, Vintage Art & Illustration
Industrial Design Served :: Gallery
Dial "M" for Musicology
Face of the Future
Manne on Windschuttle | The Monthly
Gentlemen Of Bakongo Book: The Dandies Of Sub-Saharan Africa | Trend.Land -> Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine
Oriental Institute | Oriental Institute Archaeology Projects
Heelmarks collection - Gouda pipes
Essex Witch Trials
Explore the History of Chemistry - Chemical Heritage Foundation
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Vol. 50 Dec 1757 Tab.XIV p.350
Djin Djin pantomime
Dutch link list
What is Foo Bar Baz?
YouTube - Susan Lenox: Her Fall & Rise (1931) Part 1/9
Memory, identity and productive nostalgia: McCLUSKIEGANJ
Browse AdViews: A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials
Speed test
Wreckamovie - Be the Future of Film
Meimi132 no Itonami
ILONAGRANET.COM Curb street signs
The Golden Bridge: Now? Quarriers
Volga Germans
Evans & Peck
ChangeDetection - Know when any web page changes
Widely Ranging Interests
Werk digitized publication
The pre-Prohibition Collector's Resource Site
Folderol - a Spooky Librarians Production
YouTube - Halloween Safety Educational Film Part 1 (1985, Centron)
Podcast Directory - Photograhy (Russian)
Google Maps
Sri Lankan furniture
Mail Call
Falun comics
Digital Collections at Joyner Library
Sue Young Homeopathy
Music Articles - Yoik
Projects - language
dirty riddles
Beetles and Rock Art in Libya
Kam Williams Table
Shafi`i - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is Welcome
News | Project Bamboo
Pinakes Current projects
PopularAsians - Home
Liquid Arc
Stars from Switzerland
Nokia 6300
Redesign Contest | MetaFilter
The AMICA Library: 'RCA Victor Special' model phonograph
YouTube - yoik
ACCC | Trivandrum Thiruvananthapuram Ananthapuri Kerala News Events Entertainment Movies
Braingle: Tap Code
Aristasia Treasure Trove - blog
Tracks in Time, the Leeds Tithe Map Project
Line 13 redux [Field Trip: Longze] |
News - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Ingenico - eCommerce
Vril - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forced Labor 1939 - 1945: Forced Labor 1939 - 1945
Mountain Play Scrapbooks
Flickr: The U.S. National Archives' Photostream
Math Overflow - An Ask for maths
Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment
Vintage Radio Logs
Stuck In Customs HDR Photography
UNLV Center for Gaming Research: Podcasts - Google Search
Most interesting mathematics mistake? - Math Overflow
Iflove Hot Discussion - Enchanted Wonderland
Soundscapes: what's new? Hemeroteca - Resultado de búsqueda
YouTube - charlatantric's Channel
Confused? Don't be, everything's going to be just fine. | MetaFilter
Excellently, funny YouTube thread with further sources of excellent funiness
5 Extremely Addicting iPad Games
Games for the iPad - some free
The Man in the Rockefeller Suit | MetaFilter
Amazing story of deception.
Byen i Byen
Danish video archive
Links to Baarle Hertog/Nassau
Kowloon Walled City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kowloon Walled City - enclave
George Handy Bates Samoan Papers: Photographs : Home
Pacific Islands photography
LabGuy's World: Museum of Extinct Video Recorders and Accessories
Old video recorders
Cold shoulder
How about turning in the bed and the sheet comes off you shoulder, creating a 'cold shoulder'?

Thought > Five easy pieces scene.
Ptak Science Books
Interesting articles from science books.
Westminster Gold Discography and Image Gallery     
Record covers.
Buckscoop Shopping Deals - Cashback, Bargains, Coupons, and Discount Vouchers
Shopping bargains
South Cortland Cemetery
Documenting the dead in a forgotten cemetery.
Trapped In The Closet: Chapter 1 - Trapped In The Closet - Web Series -
Kelly videos.
Facebook | Videos Posted by Franck Aho: Why Women stay single !!
Psycho pick-up phone call messages.
Ethan Persoff,
Frog in a Well - The China History Group Blog
China pics
The Social Mind —
SEO on social blogging
What's After The Credits?
Stingers - movies, television shows and games.
FareCompare - Cheap Flights, Travel Deals, Cheap Tickets, Airline Tickets and Discount Airfares
Flight fare compare site.
Lowest Flight Prices, Cheapest Airfare, Trip Ideas, Travel Ideas
Air fares around the world by date
Gone to Croatan -- Hi, Iconomy! | MetaFilter
In the late 18th or early 19th century a group of runaway slaves and serfs fled from Kentucky into the Ohio Territory, where they inter-married with Natives and formed a tribe - red, white & black - called the Ben Ishmael tribe.
Timothy Leary
Leary condemned to signing cards forever
Thesaurus of Old English Front Page
Ye olde engilsh database
Barack Obama UFO
Obama and flying saucers.
Obama Commemorative Plate | Custom Commemorative Plates
Commemorative Obama paper plates (Hudson River too!). Originals hand-drawn by the artist to order.
SimpleThinking - Websites by Herb & Maria Yeates
Special interests, information and reference links.
The Nuclear Weapon Archive - A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
BOOM! Bombs and explosions
The Berzin Archives: Home Page
Buddhist teachings - lectures.
Gioia Timpanelli
Story teller.
train tracks
Moribund audio project has conversations on a train.
by Melodic Contour: Musipedia Melody Search Engine
Music search by many methods
Documentation of Food Songs Collected by Matt Bua
Songs with a food in the title.
JAIC 1997, Volume 36, Number 3, Article 8 (pp. 253 to 261)
Housing two portraits of Gloria Swanson made from large plant leaves.
Last Hours > One Way Ticket #5
Grothendieck story
Celebrities in Switzerland - Enjoying a High-End Lifestyle and Tranquility
Famous people that live in Switzerland.
Welcome to the Playback Archives!
Playback - audio magazine for the sight impaired. 1979 - 90s. Hear technology evolve.
International Water Journalism:
Reports about water. This site is related to the Water documentary.
Documentary about the worlds water.
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Stuart McMillen - cartoon Recombinant Records
Huxley vs. Orwell
CDC - Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa
Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa
SCIENCE! with the Large Hadron Collider. | Free Sound Clips
Free sounds
The 99 Percent
Design features and articles.
KGB Master Spy « Marjorie Ross
Iosif R. Grigulevich - Life is short, so draw a giraffe!
Draw a giraffe.
"pictures of old china"+ - Google Images
Old china.
YouTube - Five Inch Bathers (1942, Dir: Richard Massingham)
Oleta Adams - Everything Must Change on Vimeo
NSW-West Publicans Licences D-M
Ephemeral Isle
Big music
JD's Man Stories
Terrible Yellow Eyes
Hungarian museums
Canadian Archives
Lunar Rover Operations Handbook
Hospital architecture (Germany)
Ahgong Hippo’s Blork
Heading East
NY Times Crossword Drawings
Musikk labeler: Norsk flexi utgivelses diskografi | The Grocery List Collection (+ shopping blog, free books, downloadable grocery lists and more)
Trapped in the closet
YouTube - Kuchh Kook Hota Hai - Carrot Roll
Explore Adviews: A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials {show all results}
Vitali - enclaves writer
Töpfferiana » La bibliothèque Topfferiana
Baubo - vulva
Dream-Ware: Links to other Elite related websites.
78 & Cylinder Record Collector Links
Christianophobia in Europe
Mysterious Disappearances - Pinoy Underground [All Pinoy Community]
San Antonio band photo archives opened
Green Bomber
Kogar's Jungle Juice
turnspit dogs - Google Search
MEK (Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár)
The beatles blog
Soodie Beasley
Cult ov thee Week
The London Review of Breakfasts
Death by lightning for giraffes, elephants, sheep and cows : Tetrapod Zoology
Icelandic Elf School | Reykjavik | Magnus Skarphedinsson | Soccer :: American Way Magazine
John Gutmann Photography Fellowship
Concentration Camps List
Rhonda Forever 2003-2009
Kunst Uitschot Team
Ne Ultra - Nothing Beyond
Mr. Shakespeare's blog
Is Obama Fascist? Profile of Return of Scipio Blogger Mike Austin - Esquire
Romanian collections
Media Art Net | Video
German online resources
Noisy Decent Graphics
A Movable Archives: Louisville Floods & Racing History
Underwater Archaeology
The Art and Mystery of Food
toys - Funny Pictures
Whatever Happened to Little Albert?
Europeana - Search results
Think or Thwim » How To Hide An Airplane Factory
Ha-ha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muzeul Florean
Small engravings collection
University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries
Ptak Science Books
Survival Arts
teen canteen | Neka Scarbrough-Jenkins's Photos - Teen Canteen Band Photos
Ravenstein Atlas: Germany
Klaus Graf (Archivalia_kg) on Twitter
Correlator - Answers Related to metafilter
accidental mysteries
Le faucheur - Le blog de La Mesure de l'Excellence
L'Encyclopdie de la Comdie musicale en France (1918-1940)
Virtuelles Kupferstichkabinett
Israeli Economic History: Israel's Economy From 1967 Six Day War until 2007 - From Socialism to Capitalism | The Online History Shop
Image and Narrative
bebe le strange
Rena Effendi
Дмитрий Чернышев
Monasterium.Net | Home
dry toasts
Singer-Saints mp3 downloads
Thomas H. Slone’s Home Page
Cool Websites | Lost At E Minor: For creative people
BHR - Neue Digitalisate 200
Christian fanatic (Korean)
AktiveArchive - Projects
Semen Collection
Pacifico - rooster
Every Woman's Encyclopaedia 3
GoodShit ›
Hungarian Libraries
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections News
WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban!
viaLibri ~ book links
MTA Könyvtára - Hungary links
Tom Smith’s: theOTHERblog
Russian Icons
Church icon library.
The Invisible Library
Recently Banned Literature
hidden europe - exclave
European History Primary Sources
Five Glasses of Absinthe » Archive » 1 20
KOBV - Suche
Fine Books Blog
H-Soz-u-Kult / Projects
Andreas Neumann (bsb_it_andi) on Twitter
Poyais Futures – Still Available! |
NL - Swiss National Library - The digitised collections are accessible on the Internet
Plagiarism — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Legless Chihuahua Puppies - wtf
Burbankia, by Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel
Bunuri culturale mobile clasate în Tezaurul Patrimoniului Cultural Naţional - Fişa obiectului
A sycamore lovespoon
Items of Interest
Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art
Movie box office charts
Rebus Puzzles (Pictogram Puzzles)
Landesarchiv Baden Württemberg - Homepage
Destroy Today
French theatre
The popular practice of fraud - Google Books
Making the History of 1989
Clio online
Teen Canteen pics
Salvation mountain
Poyais - Clan Gregor
VMG-BSB - Links
The Couscous Chronicles
Joy Division Bootlegs
Töpfferiana » Blog Archive » Il y a 100 ans, la mort de Caran d’Ache
50 Chansons : Les Feuilles mortes
Sensible Erection - Beauty in Diversity
A Historian’s Take on Food and Food Politics | Rachel Laudan
timboucher » public domain playground. friendly entities welcome.
YouTube - shaggylocks's Channel
Italian telecommunications history
.:: ::. - a list of links.
Margareta Kern PROJECTS
textimage - accueil
A Dictionary of Rhyming Slang - Google Books
The casting of iron woks in Guangdong, China, in 1840 - Financial Life Cycle Planning
Pattern Recognition
The Sabra: the creation of the new Jew - Google Books
CopyGator - Catching duplicate content & plagiarism in the Blogosphere.
Cheese and Biscuits
Question party
Newspaper Club - A work in progress
Staatsarchiv Aargau - Archivgut
Many Eyes: Metafilter Contacts by User ID
Nailcakes goes off on the Diggers.
onanism and insanity
jello time .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2007, collection of sébastien de ganay
the mouth and the knife: medical illustration
Europeana - Homepage
Poyais - Sketch of the Mosquito Shore ... - Google Books
Find Books & Magazines Online - Digital Collections
Stephanie Metz Portfolio, Teddy Bear Natural History
Home - ATHENA - Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe
Design215 Word Finder - Find and Unscramble Words and Anagrams
Freddy Fortune's Sound Museum & Diamond Don's Lysergic Sound Designs
Moribund project?
cIMeC - Institutul de Memorie Culturala
Texas Band Photo Gallery - Mikes Band Archive
Quinton history
Kitsch Slapped
BHR - Neue Digitalisate 200
Max Planck Institute for Art History - Catalogue.
An Australian Music Magazine : Mess+Noise
Magyarországi Református Egyház
Here’s Looking Like You, Kid
FringePop: Aileen: The World's Most Interesting Sex Subject
Thomas Paine
YouTube - British Documentary 1940s
Evelyn Nesbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
World Oral Literature Project : Research, Training & Collaboration
I'm London Bridge (ImLondonBridge) on Twitter
the discoursenotebook
Jason Florio
Pickled Politics
t.tex's hexes
Landesarchiv Baden Württemberg - Startseite
Abandoned Places In The World
Terri Timely
Writer, director - short films, music videos and advertisements.
Comic book ads for soldiers and what you got.
Poladroid project | the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker
Turn pictures into Polaroids.
- Elephant News
Everything elephant.
Image Library - Airtam
African image
London Photos - Peter Marshall - London Photographs
The Buildings of London.
Sewer History: Photos and Graphics
Manhole covers in sewerage history.
Sound is Art
Found sounds, field recordings and oddities.
ARC - Archival Descriptions Search - Results
Child labour photography.
Front Porch Light
Weird Wordpress feed of MetaFilter. What's that about?
Dinner at El Bulli: The Greatest Restaurant in the World - The Amateur Gourmet
Unusually tasty food.
FooD ver. 2.0: A miniature food/shokugan/gashapon collections site/guide
Gashapon links
Unusual people
Batman inspired songs.
The Great Games of Sid Sackson
Games creator extrodinaire.
betsy mccall home
Betsy McCall paper dolls 1950s-1990s.
iHaystack - Gutenberg split into in pages.
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections: Search Results
Digital mp3 results
Archiv - Chroniken
German history.
They Still Draw Pictures
Children's drawings from the Spanish Civil war, with an introduction from T Huxley.
Swiss Posters Collection
Posters from Switzerland.
ÖNB-ANNO+/Österreichs Illustrierte Zeitung - Kaiser-Festnummer 1908
Cute adverts.
ANNO - AustriaN Newspapers Online
Austrian newspaper archive Great German Art Exhibition
Art of the national socialist regime.
The siege of Malta.
Enclave listing that mentions that 'Dahala Khagrabari is the world's only enclave within an enclave within an enclave'.
The Encyclopedia of Exclaves and Enclaves
Baarle Nassau and Baarle Hertog
A complicated European enclave.
Telematic Drum Circle
Virtual drum circle.
Poems and Poetics: Diane Rothenberg: On the Insanity of Cornplanter (Part One)
The relocation of the Seneca - Cornplanter (to be continued).
Are the Bush Documents Fakes?
Typewriter expert exposes Bush document fakery.
Comptometer - Comptometers - Biography of a Machine
The early business calculator.
12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire
The History of The Byzantine Empire (podcsats)/
Online sketching program
Japan's #1 Animal Blog - Japanese Animals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Insects and Wildlife
Fantastic Japanese animal blog.
Beer! - a set on Flickr
Vintage beer cans.
Daisy, Daisy. Computer singing.
All Things Thurl
The life and times of Thurl Ravenscroft.
Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free
Free TV online.
Liber AL vel Legis
Aleister Crowley - The Book Of The Law.
Time Cube
Batshitinsane cube guy.
Absolution-Online: Welcome
Confess and receive absolution online. News
Human cloning in the Bahamas.
A Cylinder Journey Through Europe
Old cylinder music illustrated by a faux journey through Europe.
ART GILLHAM The Whispering Pianist of Radio and Records
Photos, sound files and a biography.
Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection - Syracuse University Library
Old sounds on cylinders
FAQ for netsuke
A netsuke is a form of miniature sculpture which developed in Japan over a period of more than three hundred years.
ACC Club Directory Collecting Club Directory, Featuring 5,718 Groups!
List od collecting clubs
Alphabetilately: Index
An A to Z of different kinds of stamps (some with examples).
Atlantis stamps
Cinderella stamps.
Maraid Design | Blog
D-Lib Magazine - Back Issues, March/April 2009
Stok Bros. Blog
Citrus history
Crosby steam whistles
George's Pictures of Vintage Microscopes
IET Discover: Home
SCOUTING NY - » Lost At Sea
Hottentot Venus links.html
Perpetual General Bloglet
Young school activities
Research and Documentation Online
State of the Art
RedTube - Chick having a sybian ride
[Seb] Sebastien Chevrel | Showcase
El Desván del Abuelito: septiembre 2008
NAGPRA Issues in Hawaii, 2009
What is your favorite blog site? - Mahalo Answers
Whistled language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Anthropological Association (AAA)
Frankie and Johnny - View Single Post - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
E.O. Hoppé | Edwardian Modernist (1878-1972)
Golliwogs Xmas
What Planet is This?
La Marseillaise - your comments
John Baldessari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Игра «Магистраль» Old russian car video game
Naked People
Unknown Highway
Europen digital culture
Bear Alley: Leslie Ashwell Wood
yenz/choose a project
Internet resources Newsletter
James Joyce' dirty letters
Mario Boone - scripophily - old bond and share certificates
Washington Square News - NYU alumnus arrested on charges of impersonating NYU prof
Public Art Around World
AIGA | the professional association for design
BD classiques en ligne, comics on-line, histoire de la BD sur : premier portail consacré à l’origine de la bande dessinée.
ArchSearch: Special collections: Contents
On First Encountering Melange : Ed Medley
William Hone, _The Political House that Jack Built_ - Electronic Editions, Romantic Circles
Digital Art of Charles Csuri
The Mineralogical Record - Axis Online Journal
.::Performance - Journal of Music Interpretation::.
Stolen public art
petitinvention - design blog
Evan Roth: Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris
The Danaos Project - The 2008 Expedition
Festival Culture Online
Buddhist | Digital Archives
Trixie's Treats
Star Formation: The Game | DISCOVER Magazine
Phrase finder - meanings and origins
hyperrhiz: new media cultures
Masks & Busts origami
Yahoo! Answers - Encyclopedia Dramatica
NAA Kiowa Target Record Book
Twelve Mile Circle - maps, geography, travel
Snowblood Apple - Movie Reviews A to Z Index
Zoilus: The Secret Love Affair <br>of Speech and Song: A History
Dyar Straights
The Huntington Archive Homepage
Prints and Printmaking: Australia | Asia | Pacific
South Georgia Folklife Collection | Turpentine Traditions of South Georgia
Clipart ETC Homepage
The ShanMonster Page: Non Sequiturs and other Misinformation
L'Encyclopédie de Diderot et d'Alembert
Sitemap of Napoleon Online (english version)
Fellow Irresponsibles, follow me! - Vox
YouTube - Early Internet discovery
Golublog: An Anthropology Blog · An Anthropology Blog
Jake and Dinos Chapman - Fucking Hell
the cake is a lie.
(We) can do better | You can help turn society back from the brink
the quackometer
meish dot org: life, unfolding - Digital Library of Slovenia
The art of taxidermy, by John Rowley ... Illustrated with twenty ...
The Victorian Peeper
Grayson Archery Collection - Museum of Anthropology - University of Missouri-Columbia : World Land Trust Birdcam, Ecuador
Medieval Torture
SBDS Prototype 0.1
SULAIR: Libraries and Collections: Libraries and Collections A-Z
Dutch links
Voice of Russia
Russian news - audio and video too.
**Front of Russia**
New York - "Off With Those Pants": Bill O'Reilly Seduces You in Clips From His Dirty Audiobook - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice
Wrestling Heritage - A Year of..
Proxy list
Creative Studios Abstract Poetry and Postmodern Verse
Metafilter - Newsified
Istituto Ellenico di Venezia :: Login
Collabritive computing
Herb & Dorothy - a film by Megumi Sasaki
Changing Face of the Auto Industry  1 to 20  of  145 hits
Exhibits on-line - Institute and Museum of the History of Science
The Particles of Star Trek
TAPIRS: The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) Blog
Burrow! Burrow!
YouTube - Land Planarian of Borneo
Adam Gollner: Fruit Links
D-Day - Normandie 1944 : Men of D-Day
Margot Quan Knight - Portrait of a Woman 1947-2007
The Book Cover Archive
galleries / c h r o m a s i a
U B U W E B - Film & Video: Anton Corbijn
petroglyphs_htw - presented by Mapbender
China Entertainment Tabloid
Chuck-ese » Weird Stuff-ology
Forgotten futures
Vomit Comet
Cucina futurista: video ricette sulla cucina futurista di Marinetti
Hell is first great work of the 21st century| Arts | This is London
Treasures of Japan
About Forestle
User:AxelBoldt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages
never never land
Lyred - Finley Quaye - Broadcast lyrics from Spiritualized album - Song Lyrics
SK Stiftung Kultur German Dance
décembre 2008 - Owl theory - Blog
Welcome - Doug Engelbart Institute
Parks and Gardens UK - Explore
Mad Science Experiments - Tests & Animations
Burma: Project Maje
Theodore Hook - John Bull
Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music
Acta Dermatovenerologica Alpina, Pannonica et Adriatica, 1 2009
Kids natiral history - more on search
Lamington National Park - Index Frame Page
Swann bb sl/rl: web comic, He Youzhi, avatar loneliness, Sleuth, Le Limier
History sources
Museum Marketplace
» Pearson wild over rivers protection... How’s it feel, Noel? NIT Blog: The Official Weblog of the National Indigenous Times newspaper
Aboriginal newspaper - Noel Pearson article
Oligarchaea Numbo Polychaeta
NarrowLarry's World of the Outstanding - Folk Art Environments in the U.S.
The Philippine Comics Art Museum
Babylon Wales
体験談:DQNな山菜の買い方 [爆笑]
Long Now > Projects > Clock Sites
Renaissance festival books - Links to other collections of festival books
Horror film blog.
Alan Mcilwraith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Cliche Project - poetry
Bad Turkish movies
Jocelyn's Corner
Effect Measure swine flu
Pub games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The top audiobooks on
Awful Library Books
User:IsraelXKV8R/Sandbox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pre-1945 Bonsai Articles
Museum of Anthropology - University of Missouri
Compact Memory - Deutsch-jüdische Literaturgeschichte im Web
Open Library Blog — One web page for every book.
Architecture | GSAPPbeta
Blog | Online
Photography Articles by RIT Faculty Members
Hand Surgery
Violet Books: Lost Race Gallery III
Scran - Doll
DC's: Colette 'Laure' Peignot's Scattered Belongings
caribousuite's favorite web sites, page 2 - StumbleUpon
SIXTIES & SEVENTIES Years 60's + 70's A nostalgia thought by images
The Life and Times of Sara Baartman
Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing: He Has Ridden -- Celebrating Bicycle Day 66
alan's profile | MetaFilter Denver's Ugliest Public Art
Stanford Computer History
Little Archie in: Hard Times
Cipe Pineles — AIGA | the professional association for design
Illustrated checklist of birds of the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Cartoon SNAP
Coffee Spew - Poetry
Welcome to Sexy Losers
freudenthal verhagen
Badass of the Week
. - BlaGaLaG
Southern Patagonia Web Gallery, albums menu
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden - Kupferstich-Kabinett
:: Stencil Archive :: | Over 12,000 Stencil Photos since 2002
Experimental Music Studios
Mind-Melting Demo Disasters
First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival
The Crime In Your Coffee
Fanboy Fables
The Baffler
SciVee | Make Your Research Known Through Videos, Pubcasts and Postercasts
International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) - About ICAZ_Archaeozoology-Related Links
Psychology of Cyberspace - Deviance in Online Communities
NUK, National and University Library, Ljubljana
Robin Williams: Table of Contents
MWNF | Discover Islamic Art Virtual Exhibitions
Lumberjack in a Desert -
YouTube - The Internet in 1969
Flickr: Search Cat Paws - Please Read the Description
Maarten Rutgers' Web page
Intute: Arts and Humanities - Search results
Equipe interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l'image satirique - Actualités
Cotsen Children's Library, Princeton University, Magic Lantern Virtual Exhibit
Palace of Variety - Ganjou Brothers and Juanita | Project Natal
Bank of England currency note short snorter
DigiBarn Documents: Xerox Star Historical Documents (Dave Curbow)
Hark, a vagrant archive
"History' comic.
Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop: April 2009
Electronic Resources :Special Collections :King's College London
PARADISEC Digital Image Links
belyando spew - Google Search
Inconspicuous Consumption
The Mineralogical Record - What's New in the Mineral World
Jens Schmidt (yenz) (yenzooo) on Twitter
Digitalizirana baština - Linkovi
Myth Of The Mint Julep - The Wireless Database Project
The News Bizarre
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
detour art travels
Eyes have it
The 24 Worst Domain Names Ever
Micronesia Over the Years: The MicSem Photo Albums
Beach Pneumatic - StumbleUpon
Singularity News
Space Art
"Excelsior" end-of-term magazine, title page
Hey, Hot Shot!
I occupied his country he my heart
3 Little naughty boys
Kulturpool institutions
Berners Street Hoax
Internet Archive: Details: I was a Communist for the FBI
Loren Eiseley Links
Communication Studies Resources: The University of Iowa - List of journals on the PERSEE website
Sol LeWitt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
jg ballard
YouTube - Before the Internet: Online (was very purposeful - Where ideas and people meet | Fast Company
German kids books
Digital old kids books + pharmacy books too
Polish ad placement
mondo a-go-go
Bob Park - debunking scientific claims
Hathi Trust Digital Library - Public Collections
100 Awesome Blogs By Some of the World’s Smartest People | Online
Sites Recently Added | The Collectors Weekly
A Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion (David Louis Edelman) Stanek
The Gombrich Archive
Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich - Art, vision.
SonnyRadio :: Radio as you know it is about to change!
Axon Cozy Smut: Brigitte Bardot poster collection » The Ordinary People Project
ASTEROMO - Google Search
Urania’s Mirror - star cards
inSuggest - website and image recommendations
2009 May | Flash-Candy - Part 3
Brainify - Search
BioLib Online Library of Biological Books
c.sides 2009 » artists
Planarian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Feltron Eight
Huvudsida - War Machine
Dylan and Lennon In A Taxi
Les 400 culs
H-Net Academic Announcements - Websites (active)
pis sesler
Fossil Freeway
The Forbes Cave Controversy During and After The NAGPRA Review Committee Meeting of May 9-11, 2003, including official findings of the review committee published August 20, 2003 and Bishop Museum position paper of June 30, 2004
Long Bets - On the Record: Bets
95th Infantry Division - Pictures from WWII, pictures from today ...
Best of History Web Sites
Ag8: Index - Ridley Scott
"Gelsenkirchen Baroque" - Google Search
Eric Lumiere on™, By Sahar Sarid
it's all one thing - Will Shetterly
::::: Cyber Textbook Museum :::::
You ruddy guys
Jaunā Gaita
Home ICCD — ICCD-Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione
The Michael Lewis Taiwan Image Collection : Browse
The Great War Archive | First World War Digital Poetry Archive
The Most Infamous Girl in the History of the Internet
Domain parking girl information.
Hello, My Name Is Laura Park
Light vessels
Search Results for "london college of fashion shoe collection" - VADS: the online resource for visual arts
Polish virtuality
Filipiniana.NET Collections
The Assimilated Negro
Best of History Web Sites
The Villamil Organization
Corfield, William Henry (1843 - 1927) Biographical Entry - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
Short Snorter
ワラノート (続)昔の日本人がスゴすぎる件についてJap men
FZ Blogs
U.S. History - Roaring 20s
Human Remains
King Arthur's Stone
Six brothers at war
Am I Right - Song Lyrics That Mention Brand Name Products, Artist Index
The Combat Report - The "Short Snorter"
IllumiRate : Lighting your Way through the Web
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss - Page 22 - Stanek
NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Hapax legomenon
barcoo rot - Google Search
August 24th _ Theodore Hook
American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States
Brazilian documents
Top 10 Declassified Secrets - Listverse
Short snorter on a forum
Wind of the World: Vendaval (Vendavales) - Weather UK -
aaron ruell photography
The University of Tokyo
Rhondda Powling - Bookmarks | Diigo
MHS Visual Resource Database Search Results
JazzAge Culture: Part I
New link emailed to me: Jazz Age Culture
Comic 3
Gold mine of calculator links
Welcome to the Shared Digital Future |
Triptych: the tri-college digital library : Home
Rhondda Powling - Bookmarks | Diigo
Financing Hyper-Virality in the Clouds - Tim Howgego
Take Our Word For It, the weekly word-origin webzine
Kalama Sutta: To the Kalamas (AN 3.65)
simplehuman | blog
Grandiloquent Dictionary
Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world's top scholars
Comic Award Winners
David Dempsey -
Tante Fabule - Fabulous illustrations
UNL Digital Collections : Item Viewer
Synthetic Journal: A Nasty Cold
Johannes Bergmark, surrealist, improvisor and musical instrument inventor
Text book resources
Color Photographs from the FSA and OWI Home Page
Grants Militaria Photo Gallery - Australian Militaria Images & Militaria Information
Greyfriars - Facts Figures and Fun
La Joie de Vivre - 1934 - Europa Film Treasures
Great movies from Europe
Notes of an Anesthesioboist
Art BD en ligne WWW.OLD-COCONINO.COM Le portail de la bande dessinée et du dessin
NL - Swiss National Library - Images gallery - Exhibition Tell in focus
The EAM librarian
Chinese Science Back Contents
British in Southern Patagonia: home page
Open Questions - Mahalo Answers
Favourite horse
Napoleon Online - Russische Uniformen um 1815 nach Cappi
Material World: Ice Cream and ‘CCCP’: Evoking nostalgia in post-soviet packaging
Kino Reticulator » Padded doors
tit-bits magazine - Google Image Search
The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society - an international organization of kaleidoscope enthusiasts
The Hero Factory
Jig Dolls or Les Gigueux
Konolia on flickr
HTTP 404: The webpage cannot be found: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
The Band
Rapunzel's Delight
Blind Search
The House Next Door
Arnold Arboretum - Botanical and cultural images of Eastern Asia - Frank Meyer
Botanical safari - people and plants.
xkcd pronunciation: How to pronounce xkcd in English
Quality Junkyard - Home of Quality Junk | Funny stuff, Amazing stuff, Cool stuff, Creative Stuff, Crazy Stuff, Horror Stuff, Humor, Jokes, Videos, Images, Text, Cartoons and Much more...
Russian fun blog
The Wreckoning
Repositories of Primary Sources
Forest Flora of NSW
Wilson Snowflake Bentley - Photographer of Snowflakes
20th Century Decorative Art Pottery and Stoneware Knud Kyhn
D-Lib Magazine (March/April 2009)
Films from the Home Front
NSW Ocean Baths - Ocean Baths - New South Wales
The artificial grotto in Britain | Magazine Antiques | Find Articles at BNET
GLAAD Advertising Media Program
Aubrey's Brief Lives
Dear Author: Romance Novel Reviews, Industry News, and Commentary : posters
Wilhelm Busch Linkseite
EPrints - Ursidos del pleistoceno-holoceno de la Península Ibérica
New Zealand Lepidoptera type specimen images
Acoustics Monitoring Program
Edgar Mueller - Mysterious Cave/The digital draft for the painting
Chinese and World History / I.A. Chinese Historic Sites
Eidolons Alchemie
Early Canadiana Online
A Madmen’s Museum
SONS - Shoes Or No Shoes ?
Evrensel Müzik
European digital library project
Common People And Artist
Tinkerty Tonk
Stray | ThreeThousand - subcultural guide to Melbourne
Dunce Upon A Time
Ideas Underground
My Year Of Flops Case File #19: Myra Breckinridge | Film | A.V. Club
Southern Patagonia Bookshelf: history worth reading
John Lennon IMAGINE
Weird tribute page.
Alex Trochut
Spring Heeled Jack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
gardenhistorygirl: On Making Money out of a Rock - the Enstone Marvells of Thomas Bushell
Nokia Nokia-6300 Java Games
Library News for Comparative Literature
Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire
King Arthur
Blog Virtual Shanghai
SplaTT’s Blog : A collection of random ramblings...
1923: Thora Stowell - The Congo Cookbook (African recipes) -
First issue of VooDoo, 1919: Exhibits: Institute Archives & Special Collections: MIT
Buddhist Temple Gazetteers
DVD Savant Review: Myra Breckinridge
The Daily Eudemon
Autistic Adults Picture Project...
my6300 Free Nokia-6300 downloads : Welcome to the new 6300 site
Invil - Theme Sightseeing
The Big Bad BLM
Making of America Books
Culture Court
Vexations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Best Site Online
Maraid Design | Blog » Found/Ephemera
walmor corrêa - Krunch Multiple URLs into One Short URL
SCANDIBALT International Antiques
Advertising Resources :Communication Studies Resources: The University of Iowa • View forum - LEGO Castle - Soviet Literature Summarized
Things that bite, scratch and sting
Fitzgerald+"big fitz" - Google Search
Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations Network
Blogger Buzz
Kunst und Kunstunterricht - links
Rhizomes 11/12
Early Office Museum
street of the candlesticks | Pool
Military Costumes in Old Japan, 15 Plates, K. Ogawa, 1895
The Author and his Mission | Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
Internet Culturale - Exhibitions
plastic tumblr
A criação - design
FAU Judaica Sound Archives Home Page (Jewish Music)
Soft underbelly
Steam Whistles - Sounds of the Past. Chrosby, Lunkenheimer, Star Brass, Lonergan, hancock inspirator co., powell, train whistle, horn
"tobias Schneebaum" - Google Image Search
U B U W E B :: Featured Resources
YouTube - 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON
Star magazine
The ad writer's assistant. A collection of 350 phrases, suggestions ...
Home - Western Soundscape Archive
Remember Everything. | Evernote Corporation
Editors Select and Share Favorite Foods -
GIP 58: The Geologic Time Spiral, A Path to the Past
Simplicissimus Satirezeitschrift Online
H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps
Hatters at Orange,NJ » Hat Maker Job Descriptions
Paradise Almost Lost: Hawaii’s Bishop Museum Grapples with NAGPRA
Babylonian Clay Tablets
Willkommen ! Aachen university
SONS - Shoes Or No Shoes ?
Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List
Nightchillers Rare Music: "The Dunwich Horror" 1970 rare score from Les Baxter
Film score blog - rare and out-of-print.
The Origins of Band Names - Rate Your Music
Coromoto Minerals In Maine
Translation of Chinese science
Paradise Almost Lost Hawaii's Bishop Museum Grapples with NAGPRA — LCCHP
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project, digital archive of video oral histories of Japanese-Americans incarcerated or interned during World War II
Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II.
It's Lovely! I'll Take It!
Poor real estate photo choices.
Site Index
Compares a day in the life of Powys from 1891 to 2002.
Leo Enticknap's Personal Web Pages
Interesting film and audio information.
'Vexations' and its Performers
Vexations breakdown
Hiding in Plain Sight
Hiding files in a jpg.
Phalosa Bali Villa - Welcome
Claire's new job
Laws and the people they are named after
Measuring Worth - Home
What's it worth?
Prey = Software to keep track of your stolen laptop
Stolen laptop notifier
Graphic Design - fonts
New Order - Joy Division fonts
Loyola Computer-Mediated Communication Corpus
This site provides access to a corpus of over 900 text samples gathered from test subjects at Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland, in 2006 and 2007.
Open Plaques
Open Plaques is a service that aims to find and provide data about all the 'plaques' (often blue and round) that can be found across the UK.
Bibliography of China related historical Photography - Thomas H. Hahn
Lots of information related to China here.
Zenfolio | Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images | Historical photographs of China 中国摄影史图片库
Many, many photos of China. Richly documented.
The Internationale in 40+ languages - MP3 collection
Rocking Internationale
The Internationale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
paramnesic pleasures
Art blog
Psychohistory. A Psychoanalytic Approach to History
Psychology essays
Estonian Folklore :: What's New
PDFs essays
Daily data - obsessively.
WPA Art Print Poster Gallery |
By the people that made Shorpy.
Das Zwillingspaar
How to live your life it you don't want to end up with nothing. - Kids book in German.
Ridicula Rediviva
Illustrated nursery rhymes.
White City Stories
Arequipa stories. Project from students at University of North Carolina.
Atacama Stories Multimedia Project
Atacama Desert stories. Project from students at University of North Carolina.
Kuulsate reisimeeste tegemised
We are sailing
Climbing in the 70s
Grooveshark -- Listen to Free Music
Free online radio
Free images
Grothendieck Quest
Visiting Alexandre Grothendieck
K&K Mime::::::Official Website
Unbelievable flash religious site
Grothendieck Circle
Alexander Grothendieck - mathematician.
SpaceTime TV
Free video.
Browse Top Level > Texts > Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library
Yiddish books. Apparently half of all published.
Lakota Winter Counts
Lakota history calendars.
The History of Sanitary Sewers
Photography and articles concerning sewers.
Tchorski - Patrimoine industriel et souterrain
Urban decay and mines.
Apartment Therapy
Apartment decoration.
Buddhism in Taiwan.
Beautiful chanting.
Buddhist journal.
Hopkins Multimedia Tibetan Research Archive
Tibetan teachings, translations and training. Lots of audio files with translations including teachings and the Tibetan alphabet.
Knitting grafitti
Delta Starr.Org
I've no idea what this site is but it's nutty enough to bookmark.
Non-Committal Blurbs for Soft-Hearted or Weak-Willed Book Reviewers
Peter Pan's Lemonade Stand: Blind Joe Death and the soft white underbelly
John Fahey and his career in the music industry
Hellfire Club - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18th century club sources
QUT ePrints
Queensland University papers - Australian culture.
Open Case
Because no crime should go unsolved. From the Gardner Heist author Ulrich Boser.
The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a load of stuff by Joel Veitch that will probably crush your will to live -
Kitten stuff (dogs too)
Berkman Center
Me, you and the internet
A bit old now but some good video and articles on creative commons-like material.
Art theft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stolen paintings.
H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
Announcements of web stuff that may be of interest. Check it out from time to time.
Buddhism in Taiwan
1. Introduction to the Mythic Chinese Unicorn » Chinese Unicorn
The chinese unicorn
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
THE 'must visit regularly' site.
The OTIS KING Calculator
This is the Otis King calculator [2 x 4 = 8].
OBJECTIVE: Creation Education | Project Pterosaur
Project batshitinsane
The Many Faces of J.J. - JJ's Paperdoll Portfolio
Abuse victim personalities.
Trade Card Place Scrapbook -
Metamorphic card animations
Mojo Hand, Mojo Bag, Toby, Conjure Bag, Wanga, Gris-Gris: What It Is
Where did that mojo come from?
The Alleged Car - Television Tropes & Idioms
Los secretos del inmortal Nicolas Flamel
Piper Heidsieck Chewing Tobacco -1919A
Backstage - performing arts gateway
Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds-BY CHARLES MACKAY
Phonetik BAS
Apuntes críticos
Blok.NOT South American history links (NOT english)
Oberlin Group Members - Libraries
Tuhaf İşler Bunlar
Refugio Antiaéreo
Wellcome Collections
Canberra House » Houses
Digital Libray Links
Robida, Future Man
Links - Asian
The Gnostic World of Candy Minx
Digital Special Collections
Never Yet Melted
Welcome To Mutato Muzika
The Morgan Library & Museum Online Exhibitions
Takahashi Birds
Art Deco
Academia Sinica
Maps of Rome
EOD - Ebooks On Demand
Liens Amis
stimulusResponse - visitor statistics
Asiascape: News
Asian Historical Architecture
Children of Grainger
The List of Japanese Biblioblogs
Borges Center - Links - The University of Pittsburgh
Chinese links
Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990
120 years of electronic music timeline.
IJ "black veil" - Google Search - food pairing
Arnie by Annie
CARLI Digital Collections : Home
Hemeroteca Digital - Biblioteca Nacional
Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Plastik Sanatlar Kulübü - internet Bağlantıları
Luis Quintanilla
German Colonial Society
Myth Power Value: Political Mythology by Doc C
Objekt des Monats
Photographs of the war
Papers for archivists
Dictionary of American Regional English - Google Book Search
Inner life of a cell
Le Post, le mix de l'info - Toute l'actualité, minute par minute sur
MJC - circus
Dentistry Library Blog - University of Toronto: New Books
Massachusetts Historical Society | Founded in 1791
Biblioteca Digital del Real Jardín Botánico
Miyara Collection - Japanese
Ureshii Anime Fansub » Blog Archive » The Fansubbing Process
:: Digital Collections - Online Library
The College of Wooster Libraries--Subject Guide: Digital Media
Odd Sounds - Resources for experimental, electronic, avant-garde, unusual, off-beat and funny music and sound.
Mackenzie, Donald Alexander: Indian myth and legend: with illustrations by Warwick Goble and numerous monochrome plates (London, 1913)
Digitale Bijzondere Collecties
The Infography about Botanical Explorations in the United States and Canada
The History is whispering 歷史在低語 - Windows Live
Anatomy 1583
Logbook : Hypertexthero
Iranian Parliament Library Home Page
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Perspective Views opticaldiagonal machine highly popular 'vue d'optique 'vue perspective' 'optique' 'boîte d'optique' 'Guckkastenbild' 'Guckkastenblatt' 'Guckkasten'. 'Realetti Prospettive' 'Camere Ottiche','opticaprent' 'optica' Bassano Augsburg London..
1891: Albert Robida - The Monkey King (org. French 1879)
Bandinelli's self-portrait
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Southeast Asia Visions Collection | Cornell University Library
Die inoffizielle E. von Mende "Schande über Sie" Seite
Pansophist's Homepage
La Femelle du Requin - Actualités
Buster Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Glass Delusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The "ALTIN MIKROFON" contest
Brad Ideas | Crazy ideas, inventions, essays and links from Brad Templeton
Historic Tall Ship Replicas - Nachbauten historischer Großsegler
F*** My Life - FML : Your everyday life stories.
SARAI: South Asia Resource Access on the Internet
The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the worlds largest musical instrument, unusual odd unique
Lacrimae Rerum
Humanities Web Sites in Japan
RBSC : Rare Books Collection
Observer Woman Makes Me Spit
Hall of Fame | The Collectors Weekly
Caption swap
Cod. Pal. germ. 76: Johannes von Tepl, Der Ackermann aus Böhmen
le blog caricaturesetcaricature
Animal sound collections - Daniel Johnston
Fish book
Gutenberg - Museum Mainz - Weltmuseum der Druckkunst
Dagaocun Art District
Marbling - Caligraphy
Tarsius pumilus (Lesser Spectral Tarsier, Pygmy Tarsier)
Digital Collections
DAAO On this day
Nicolas Flamel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
International Percy Grainger Society
YouTube - Morgan Craft / Vignette 1
library-links czech
Virginia Portfolio
| Dial-A-Nihilist
Psychology World: A Definition of NLP
YouTube - "Are you...?" - Story of Homosexuality (part 1)
OAC: List of Contributing Institutions
SSHL: Melanesian Studies Resource Center & Melanesian Archive
Tumblin' Shauny
Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online Contents
Benutzungshinweise von A-Z - UB Heidelberg - Universitaetsbibliothek Heidelberg
Feed the Pig
News | MeatWater High Efficiency Survival Beverage
Pixdaus, God Gave Us Pics!
Beauty Behind Barbed Wire Citation List
Biblioteca Digital Hispánica - Biblioteca Nacional de España
Alaska Real
Janus: New in the last 35 days
Estonian National Museum
Living Sculptures - beeldengalerij: - Levende standbeelden
gazorninplotz's Illustrated books
La Dolce Vita
Gnomes on Dope - G.O.D. - a virtual cult
University of Hawaii at Manoa Hamilton Library: Pacific Collection - Internet Resources
The Earthly Paradise
ALBUM N°1 - Great War
Charlie Rivel - Circopedia
The Mercury Theatre on the Air
Rothesay Bay (ex Activ)
Homepagina KITLV
Surreal documents
Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact
How to Build A Trebuchet
dm1937 | Scribd Desert Magazine
YouTube - philipsmuseum's Channel - Psychanalyse et inconscient freudien
Frasher Foto Postcards
Martin K. Tytell, Typewriter Wizard, Dies at 94 - Obituary (Obit) -
Musaeum Kircherianum
ARC ARTicles - ARC Philosophy Chapter I - Fred Ross - Page 1/6
Pasta Clock : Al Dente, Not Al Mush
Welcome to Death - the last taboo
Librairie Espagnole
Curtis's Botanical Magazine
University Library System, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
University of Toronto Libraries - e-Resources
Editions François Boudet
Textual Studies, 1500-1800
Megaturks Güvenlik Grubu 2003
Alvin York: Backwoods Sharpshooter, American War Hero « Home of the Brave
Wolfgang Michel: Zograscopes
Australian Museum Online - Features
Internet Resources > What's New
Visual Collections: Other
Digitized Resources Emory Library
Oriental Rug Review, Oriental Carpets, Oriental Rugs, Tribal Rugs, etc...
DesignNotes by Michael Surtees
Natural history of birds
Online Resources at Newberry
American Social Hygiene Posters
Tontine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alligator Attack - Page 2 -
iLink Webserver CE
E-Resources Search
Le Vieux Paris d'Albert Robida
Digimorph - Halichoeres pictus (rainbow wrasse)
Biblioteca Digital Hispánica - Biblioteca Nacional de España
Interactive Architecture dot Org
French pulp blog
Rare Books Exhibitions, Monash University Library
It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters!
DEVICE - Personalized childrens books starring your child - interactive childrens books featuring your child - personalized books - interactive stories
Manzanar Portraits 1
Boot Sale Sounds: January 2008
Welcome to - Home of Percy Crosby's lovable "Skippy" character
Weird Universe
Afghanistan Digital Library
Nature, Nurture and Chance: The Lives of Frank and Charles Fenner
Face Moisturizer ad, 1930s on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a journey round my skull
GUBA - Quatermass and the Pit (BBC TV 1959) - Episode 1.avi
Mares - links of interest
Bad Eggs | MeFi Music
"Give me the good old days!"
Gravadors Catalans del Segle XX - Biblioteca de Montserrat
musée national du Sport - Consultation en ligne
Digital Case - Browse Collections
Photograph - Reverend Rankin
David Douglas Duncan
Office equipment humour
Welcome to Asia Major
Chinese Text Project
Taking Liberties Britsh Library blog
Huygens-Fokker Foundation, centre for microtonal music
Illustrated London News Home Page
YouTube - TEDtalksDirector's Channel
liens et remerciements
The Dark Side of Sumo Wrestling
Anatomical links
OwlBoy’s Blog - The Blog of Bryan Bortz
Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The Mire
Always fresh!
The Early Modern Intelligencer
KLIPP AV - cut apart
MUNDUS Links and useful web resources
Trouble In Paradise
Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics: Database
Roman de la Rose
The Sergeant York Project Latest News
Internet Archive: Details: On growth and form
Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband, and rural Alaska living « Grassroots Science
Seattle Art Museum: Deer Scroll
roland-theatre5_jpg - oeuvres--en-couleurs -
Rare Book Exhibitions -Yellowbacks
Interview Mawhinney
History, pop culture, trivia, obscure, and more. —
There Should Be More Songs With Bagpipes... Revisited! - Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good: Midnight Raids on Swedish Plum Trees
Quantum Thinking
Theban Mapping Project
Today's Inspiration
Europeana - Connecting Cultural Heritage
Exhibition:The Human Body in Old Eastern and Western Medical Books
wingless_angel's profile | MetaFilter
Antique Signs | The Collectors Weekly
The Daily Galaxy
Mindfuck Movies by Matthew Baldwin - The Morning News
Page 13: Scooters & Romance « The Naked Maicomobil
MUNDUS Database
Art Blog By Bob
Reference Notes
Real Jardín BW pollens
Zenfolio | Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images | Historical photographs of China 中国摄影史图片库
ipernity: Christer's docs
Peter Monamy Index
Soviet cosmonauts
Off the Hoof :: Mule Design Studio's Weblog
Japanese links
ASU Libraries
Pacific Manuscripts links
Library links: New This Week
Galerie photos - Espace de communication de (Mg3) - - Index
The Story Of The Clavioline
i will set the world on fire
Treasured Places Exhibition - 100 years of RCAHMS - Home Page
Images of XKCD
electropathic belt on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
sacha chua :: enterprise 2.0 consultant, storyteller, geek
Rare Book School: Other Directories
Anne Ullrich - Fotografie - Plastische Arbeiten - Zeichnungen - Aquarelle
Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives: Hank Mizzell
"Matis Indians"+Mariwin - Google Search
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, founded by Pierpont Morgan
The Thanatos Archive / Post Mortem Photography
Browse Illustrated_Books books from Roz Hulse Ltd - Used books online from Roz Hulse Ltd
999 Demeure du Chaos - Abode of Chaos - Esprit de la Salamandre - Salamander Spirit - Nutrisco et Extinguo --- 999
Daring Fireball
/ euskara exotica. экзотические языки
Record numbers of smokers kick habit - pubs close
Railway Preservation News Interchange - Built St. Louis
Great literature merit badges « Anxious Mo-Fo
Emblem Project Utrecht - Home Page
Mudd Manuscript Library Blog
Quiet, Please - Episode List
Folger Shakespeare Library
The New York Times Crossword in Gothic
Facsimile Books & other digitally enhanced Works (deWorks)
Western Australian Museum
Museums Online South Africa
pixelated news
IGADI. Instituto Galego de Análise e Documentación Internacional.
Papy Potage - Bollywood
Inside Historic Urbana 5 | UPTV - Urbana Public Television
South American links
China links
"Andrew Loomis" - Google
The Comics Reporter
Poston Restoration Project
Mardy komend uit de tuinen - the Memory of the Netherlands (het Geheugen van Nederland)
ivan krstić · code culture
Psyche 103
Dr.Mehmet Refii Kileci
The Art of Kula : links about Kula and the Trobriand Islands
Does the White Intel iMac have PCI slots? What is the maximum resolution for an external display? @
Legal History Blog
Plastique People
CHD Calendars from Illuminated Manuscripts

The New-Age Afrikaner WTF
Jim Driver
Exchange Duty Jock Night Catapult Into Combat With An IFR, NO-GO-AROUND Trap
The Morgan Library & Museum - Current Exhibitions -
National Film and Sound Archive - Sounds of Australia - Media Resources
YouTube - 76543
Odd Music-Experimental music, unique unusual musical instruments, weird strange musical instruments,mp3s,music resources, HAPI Drums
Gentlemen of Fortune
Tarsier paper Special Projects Link Page
Leodis - a photographic archive of Leeds - Display
Hollywould... Freewaves 11th Festival of Experimental Media Arts
Baroque in Hackney
L' Exposition de Paris (1900) (Band 2)
PARADISEC Endangered Music and Languages Links
Chidren's books Illustrators
RCS Photograph Project Website | Gallery
Street Scenes of early China - China Photo Gallery of the Bucklin China Archive
Digital Archive for Chineses Studies - Content(Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg)
Vanity Fair
Primate Factsheets: Tarsier (Tarsius)
My Pee Pee Bottle: Simple On-The-Go Potty and Hygiene Aid for Toddlers
Today In History Archives
In the news contemporary islamic art
Where Robot Cars (Robocars) Will Really Take Us
Bildarchive und Fototheken: Themen und Spezialarchive
Wellcome Library Blog
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Hungarian folk costumes
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Biblioteca Nacional de España
Wonders and Marvels
A curiosity blog.
P22 Music Text Composition Generator ( A free online music utility)
Music from text.
Porn for the Blind
Reading out what you see on porn websites.
The Drawings of Steranko
Drawings by Steranko
Rough and ready music/art
Tudor Effigies
Clothes and dead people
Wo Shi Laowai - Wo Pa Shui
A wry look at China. .:. words .:. Neticatte
Archive of neu meltdown on MetaFilter.
Otto Skorzeny
Skorzeny "The most dangerous man in Europe".
UK Glow worm survey home page
Glow worms.
El-Cezeri - Cizreli Ebu’l iz - Türkiye’nin Leonardo da Vinci’si - Anasayfa
Turkish inventor.
HMS Endurance Tracking Project - Terms of Use
Navy slang.
Tinga Tinga Paintings - Page Two
The art of Tingatinga - many pictures
TINGATINGA | Edward Saidi TINGATINGA - early painter, Tanzania. Founder of the Tingatinga School of Painting > visit E.S. Tingatinga 's gallery for available works.
Tingatinga in Tanzania
OWAMC - Tanzanian Community Association of Western Australia
Edward Tingatinga - artist.
Fun blog
Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka
…My heart’s in Accra
Hacking the media
Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World
Pictures of beetles.
Russian space technology history.
Схема посадки
The space shuttle (Russian).
Russian Virtual Computer Museum
Biographies of machines and men.
Michael of Rhodes | Manuscript Viewer
Biography of a voyager.
ss53's Blog
Watson Lake mention (doctor).
Snore and Guzzle podcasts (essays and articles available too). Great writing on interesting sublects. Kees' Evoluon page
A now defunct museum.
F. Photos & Videos - Dharavi, Mumbai
More Dharavi
UNHOUSED - Dharavi, Mumbai, 2008
Dharavi, Mumbai, India
Cat dog.
The Faces of Irregular Migrants Photograph Collection - Introduction
Refugees from China and Vietnam.
main menu:[High-definition Image Database of Old Photographs of Japan]
Pictures and maps with commentary.
Florence Nightingale: My Nurse Dolls
Country Joe McDonald has a nurse doll collection.
Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library : Item Viewer
Army foot measuring and shoe fitting system : prefaced by a discussion of the theory and importance of correct shoe-fit for enlisted men : a manual for commissioned officers.
Digital Case - Datastream Detail
'Inns and Taverns of Old London' has a chapter on literary clubs including the Kit-Cat Club.
OAIster | Home
Database of resources (attained by harvesting metadata).
Ask Uncle Phaedrus Archives
Finder of lost recipes - some unusual dishes here.
Uncle Phaedrus, Finder of Lost Recipes
Mutton pies (Kit Cat).
Kit-Kat Needs a Break on Trade mark Registration - Case Watch Law Articles and News - Lawdit Reading Room
Attempt to register "Have a break"
Acknowledged Land
Lady Mary Wortley (1689-1762), the subject of The Toast of the Kit Kat Club, was an aristocratic woman of letters, a self-educated child prodigy, a notable poet and essayist, a literary controversialist (she had a long running quarrel with Alexander Pope, whose face she had engraved on her commode)
Nestlé Ireland - Kit Kat
Kit Kat the confectionery - how it got its name.
The Kit Kat Club
Information on some members of the Kit Kat Club
The Art Fund -
Portraits of members of the Kit Kat club
NLA Australian Newspapers beta
Scanned and OCR'd Australian newspapers.
Finger puppet show.
Gekleurd Naakt
International body painting project.
democraticbooks by DesignWork
Photo essays.
Salamunic Illustration
Illustrator extrordinaire.
Art deco book bindings.
Lee Oswald in His Own Words -- Historic Diary
Lee Harvey Oswald wants to be a Russian
Panties For Peace
Knickers to the Burmese Generals.
Lake fish killed
Toads fuck carp - "The toads clamp themselves on to the carp’s face and push its eyes into the sockets"
EBK: Gradlon Mawr, so-called King of Brittany
Gradlon Mawr, 'King' of Brittany. Short biography.
Berkeley Landmarks :: Architecture & History in Berkeley, CA
The history of some interesting houses in Berkeley.
72 names ( guardian / guide angels ) of God
Angels for Christ's sake.
50 Common Trees in Hong Kong Volume 1
Simple educational resource.
All Mixed Up - Gender Identity Disorder & Transgenderism
A transgendered professor of psychology, discusses her personal experiences with gender dysphoria and critiques the mental illness model of "gender identity disorder".
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Quechua Songs
Songs from the Andes with translations.
Centre for Food Safety - Food Legislation / Guidelines
Food regulations in Hong Kong.
The Art of Travis Louie
Fantasy portraits with many eyes.
BiblePlaces Blog
Religious places and things.
Obama spells 'persecution,' warns Focus on the Family
Deepwater Journal: Frank Calloway, Artist 08/17/2008**Updated**
Frank Calloway was born July 2, 1896, and taught himself to draw. Diagnosed as schizophrenic in 1952 and institutionalized in various institutions in Alabama since then, he is currently living in the Alice M. Kidd Nursing Facility in Tuscaloosa.
Extreme Ice Survey. Seeing is believing.
Retreating glaciers.
The Poniatowski Collection - Gems - The Beazley Archive
Prince Stanislas Poniatowski (1754-1833), commissioned about 2500 gems and encouraged the belief that they were, in fact, ancient. They were later sold at Christies.
Complete Picture Index - Great Buildings Online Architecture - D010
Great building photography.
Projecte Panoràmiques
Panoramic photography.
ULg - UR Phénoménologies
Phenomenology links.
CHD Guide to Manuscript Pictorial Resources
Book of Hours links.
[Hymni] - Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
Illuminated sheet music.
World's Finest Public Collections
Longshanks & Talesman: 300,000 years in 3 minutes
Coming whenever.
Education by Design - The Bienes Center's WPA Museum Extension Project Collection
Educational visual aids
The E. Azalia Hackley Collection - Sheet Music Collection
African American sheet music
Georgian digital library.
Learning about Natural Disasters - Games and projects for you and your friends (IDNDR): Save Natalie! The preparedness game
Part of the virtual Library based on the NZ project - Greenstone.
The Estelle Ishigo Papers, 1941 - 1957
Estelle Ishigo was a Caucasian artist married to a Japanese. She was interred with him during the war.
UCLA Library | Digital Collections
Patent medicine trade cards.
Archive of Popular American Music -
African Americans on sheet music.
Kladderadatsch (1848-1944) - digitized
The satirical journal Kladderadatsch was founded in Berlin by Albert Hofmann (1818-1880) and David Kalisch (1820-1872). The first issue was published on May, 7th, 1848 in an edition of 4.000 copies.
DO Channel - Homepage / current:INTERVIEWS and OPINIONS
Knowledge is embedded in languages and if you want to share knowledge around the world you should promote linguistic diversity.
OpenDOAR - Open Access Countries and Organisations - Asia
Directory of Open Access Repositories
Aluka - Home Page
African digital resources. Fucking useless unless you are logged in (have to be a member of a registered institution). External Link
Broad Norfolk text translater.
炸醬麵少女 pucca
Pucca - Asian flash animations (girl violence).
medieval imaginations: literature and visual culture in the middle ages
Via MoFi.
HUMI Project, Keio University
Humanities media project.
French caricaturist.
Roglok's Radetzky March 303 | Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media from Millions of Audio and Video Clips
Techno? version of Roglok's Radetzky March.
Translated version of
Chinese music blog.
Creating anamorphics
Downloads K-Lite Nitro - Downloads musicas mp3 filmes imagens programas e qualquer arquivos
Digital exhibits.
Digital Library
All things Indian.
Jewish music. Jewish food.
Neurological Correlates
Interesting articles about the mind and the human condition generally.
Hell Is A City
Then and now.
The Idea of South
An ongoing exploration into the different meanings of South to be found in various parts of the world and its history.
The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War
North v. South.
Audio e-postcards.
xPage, Herskovits Library of African Studies, Northwestern University Library
East African Photographs (1860-1960) - 110 images available at time of bookmarking.
VL Technology: Sphygmographs
Medical equipment at Max Planck Institute.
The Old Pubs of Chester Gallery
Vanishing watering holes. Nice black and white photography.
Harvard Cognitive Evolution Laboratory
Monkeys - video and audio.
Chakra Test
56 questions.
Andrew Regan: Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition | Transantarctic Expedition News
The Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition will endeavour to cross the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the coast at McMurdo.
America in the 1930s
In film, print etc.
Hobo: 1939 Yearbook
Hoboes of America handbook.
Built St. Louis: Home
St. Louis (vanishing) architecture.
Texas Almanac 2008-2009 | | History
When "Airships" Invaded Texas.
The McArdle Notebooks: Introduction - Texas State Library
Remember the Alamo!
Lesser Known Facts of WWII Pre-War to 1939, 1940
Interesting information about the war,
Evgen Bavcar
The blind photographer.
Out of Africa: The Kirk Papers
A collection of photographs and papers belonging to East Africa pioneer Sir John Kirk
Medical History of British India: Disease Prevention and Control - National Library of Scotland
Malaria etc.
Frontis - The Archive Publishing System
Records of unfortunates that entered the Madras Asylum in 1835.
Turkish Progressive Music Encyclopedy
Great information with lots of links.
Hilarious. LOL Heavy Metal.
Brainwashed - Home
Alternative music site
time tales
Found pictures.
Tallest man in Iceland - Icelandic Giants
Giant Viking via
i-nigma - the fast track to mobile internet
Creating codes for mobiles to access internet resources.
Genocide Studies Program | Yale University
Reports and links on genocide.
See the Show!
Frank Bush vaudeville show interactive.
Northwest Architectural Archives
Prairie architecture.
Footlight Notes
Theatre and music hall history.
Renato SALA, Jean Marc DEOM - 261 Karez of the Sauran Region - Transoxiana 13, 2008
In Kazakhstan, before the present article, only 3 lines of wells (called "karez", which in Persian means "water uplift") were known in the area of Sauran (Turkestan oasis) from historical accounts, topographic maps and archaeological surveys.
Architectural complex of Khodja Akhmed Yasawi
Architectural complex of Khodja Akhmed Yasawi.
Brandeis Libraries Special Collections Helmut Hirsch Exhibit | LTS | Brandeis University
The plan was for Hirsch to take a bomb in a suitcase and blow up the Nazi Party headquarters in Nürnberg.
Digital Library Collections (Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University)
Collection of portraits, commissioned by Peter Parker in the 1830's, of patients at the Canton Hospital with large tumors or other major deformities.
Digital Library Collections (Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University)
Medical illustrations
Medical Historical Library: The English Physitian - 1652
Animalium praeterea - Old medical book with illustrations
Cute animation loop of a guy trying to get through a door.
Tumview - The best and most useful Tumblr photo viewer.
Recent tumblr submissions
Ruth Marten | Histoire Un-Naturelle
Using 18th century engravings, she adds to and embellishes the pre-existing

imagery with brush and ink
A Medieval Mirror
The Speculum humanæ salvationis was written anonymously and it is unique in portraying, more fully and dramatically than any other book of the period, the medieval concept of typology, or the thesis that all the events of the New Testament were prefigured by the events recounted in the Old.
Do You Speak English ?
Fab music blog
X-Entertainment's Download Center
Hundreds of 80s Commercials - wmv format
:: soundtransit :: home
Soundscapes generated by selecting a journey
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2008: Paper: Mannion, S., Seeing Tibetan Art Through Social Tags
Tibetan tagging project.
PapuaWeb: Ilustrasi - Illustrations (deClercq, 1893)
Illustrations from deClercq 1893 portraying late 19th Century Papuan material culture.
The Plateau Music Project
Haunting and beautiful singing. Most of this music will disappear in the next decade.
Atlas Introduction
Photorealistic aerial views of Himalaya.
film tibet
Over three years from 2005 to 2008, Photophormations worked with the Tibetan government living in exile in Dharamsala, India making “Recollecting Tibet”. The Documentary examines and questions the state of the Tibetan people living away from the spiritual homeland, surrounded by westernization and how tourism has been assimilated into their culture.
'The pioneer site for Asia-Pacific research and electronic publishing.'
Pacific WWW
Resources and links for the Pacific region.
Digital Micronesia. An Electronic Library and Archive
Some interesting stories and photographs. [Obsidian washed up on Marshall with the assistance of pumice].
Jean Kilbourne
How women are portrayed in advertising.
infinitube || Watch non-stop, full-screen 70 S Rock, Mitch Hedberg, Julia Perez and other web videos from Youtube
Enter some keywords above and infinitube will queue up an unlimited* number of videos matching those words for your viewing pleasure.
Extreme resolution photographs.
SwissEduc: Glaciers Online - Introduction
Glaciers of the world. There is a section on receding glaciers with comparative photographs.
box of chocolates
Dutch programmer that works with artists.
Big Long Now .com by Rafaël Rozendaal, collection of Sébastien de Ganay
Open the door by clicking and dragging.
Crystalinks Ezine 2008
Events of the day.
Mapping the music resource of the UK and Ireland.
FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography.
Photographic collection.
Ren Wicks
1950s illustrator.
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
Disney animator. Posts the Famous Artist Course (1950)
Paul Briggs, Story Artist for Walt Disney
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Projects, jobs and history.
The Klein Bottle & Variants
Klein bottle made from a sock
Klein Bottle, opus 444
Origami Klein bottle.
Work by Shiela Morgan
"Friends, I've got God in my handbag"
Klein Bottle Pictures
A triple bottle.
The Klein Bottle in Four-Space
Andrew Lipson's Lego Klein Bottle
Yeah, it's made of lego
Acme Klein Bottle
Buy a glass bottle.
Imaging maths - Inside the Klein bottle
Klein bottle with animations.
Cheese from Spain - Tetilla
Nipple shaped cheese.
The Big Picture
Google trends mashup.
flickr™: most interesting of the week
flickr mashup of 500 pics
Egypt « Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe
Egyptian music.
Tiger Mike Memos
Office memos.
Plains Indian Ledger Art
Preserving Plains Indian art.
Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games| University of Waterloo
Old games.
Library at The Bakken Library and Museum of Electricity in Life Minneapolis Minnesota
Approximately 11,000 books, journals, and manuscripts. The subject of the collections is the history of electricity and magnetism with a focus on their roles in the life sciences and medicine.
Antique and Rotary Dial Telephone Information, Images and Collections |
Ring ring.
Joan Crawford Print Ads
Screen goddess ads.
J.-E Berger Foundation
World Art Treasures mapping
From Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", The Miller's Tale, lines 698-707
This Nicholas just then let fly a fart

As loud as it had been a thunder-clap,

And well-nigh blinded Absalom, poor chap
Arctic Portal - News
Reindeer news.
Reindeer Blog
All about reindeers and issues affecting them.
GROCERYchoice - Inner Sydney West
Shopping price comparison.
Animals in advertisements - introduction
Pigs, bears, whatever. From the road signs guy.
Jamming With the Music APIs (Yahoo! Developer Network blog)
Yahoo music. Release and explanation.
WGA - Web Gallery of Art
Virtual gallery (1100-1850).
UNT Libraries: Pop-up and Movable Books: A Tour Through Their History, S. and J. Fuller
Interactive books.
Digital Collections : Kate Matthews Collection
Photographs depicting characters in the Little Colonel series of children's books written by her friend and neighbor Annie Fellows Johnston.
Annie Fellows Johnston and The Little Colonel - their first web site
The Little Colonel - Shirley Temple. Main site.
Bibliotheca Hertziana
Max Planck Institute for Art History.
McDiddy flash shooter
© 2004-2005 InDexer by (v. 1.7 BETA Release [ReDESIGN!])
Not sure, warez I think.
Jules Verne Forum
Discussion board for Jules Verne
Albert Robida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visionary futurist.
Not your usual photos.
A wonderful resource for vintage posters.
Panabasis - the Journal of the Janus Museum
An interesting blog with some unusual byeways.
Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books
Japanese library.
Japanese gas attack.
ceeba !
Congolese rituals and culture.
AgencyTool Web Design Dashboard
Web design tool links.
Medipedia | The authority source for medical information and current health news.
Your online doctor.
Conceptual Trends and Current Topics
Face swapping automagically.
Robert Doisneau (1912-1994). Продолжение.
San Lazzaro
visual-media links (rich)
My dinner with antrophagus—By Bernd-Jürgen Brandes , Armin Meiwes , and Jina Moore (Trans.) (Harper's Magazine)
Islam and Marble: Michael Greenhalgh
MAMA: Showroom for Media
Details - Time Machiner
Design Enterprise
Bestiaria Latina Blog
Circo Melies
Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
Mac history
Rackable Systems ICE Cube Modular Mobile Data Center
Firecracker Labels
Cardrona Bra Fence
Index of art historical sites. Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture from classical Greek to Post-modern
Camp X
Beer Industry Information - News
Stuff « retry
Benny Hill girl
Pre-1700 Imprints in the Navy Department Library
Human Protein Atlas
WW2 & Cold War History in Britain
A comparative view of the human and animal frame: Contents
Akan Cultural Symbols Project Online: Introduction
Asian Historical Architecture: a Photographic Survey
Resource list
Samuel Butler
The University of Tokyo
Gustaff Journal
Marginal Revolution
Thanatorama / French death
Edwardian Promenade
Never Been
African links
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - UT Library Online
The Penguin Collectors’ Society: Useful links
Five College Archives & Manuscript Collections
CASTLEMAGIC Castle builders
e-Asia Digital Library
Wacky Wonder Woman
United - time to fly
Fresh Baked Bread, Anyone? Gruesome Body Bakery
Clips for model Fernsehempfänger Modell 36
Thomas Pynchon Wiki
Dike Kokaral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Formosan Forger image via pk
Encyclopedia of Shinto
Hungarian library
Man Without Qualities
British eccentrics
More Hungarian
Agentura - spies
World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2007 - Power & Motoryacht
Theatres on postcards
Links to show stuff
Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service: Home
Iano's backfill - building
Sniper hits
Images - Afrique de l'Ouest
The Journal of Design Research
Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures - Top Page | National Diet Library, Japan
Alabama Maps
Random Spaf Items
The Wold Newton Universe
Digital Library of Hungarian Studies
Turkish cinema history
Animals In Formalin Preservation
Swedish history forum
National Agricultural Library Digital Repository - Tables of Contents
German art and philosophy
Culture en Loire-Atlantique
The BooBerry Alarmclock
Transoxiana Links and Resources
Museums in Russia (official list).
1904 World's Fair Links
interfilm berlin
Japanese prints
imagination is intelligence with an erection
Your Daily Awesome
Links - asian mostly
musée bizarre, english page
Khipu inca knots
Weapons of mass destruction
Izzle! Izzle pfaff!
<The Cartoonist>
Endangered languages home
WYD: World Youth Day's evolution from Chaucer to 'Evangelical Pilgrimage' | National Catholic Reporter Conversation Cafe
GUBA - Free Video
Boris Vian - Wikipedia
Haredi public shuns singer who sounds like girl | Jerusalem Post
WikiCharts — Top 100 — 12/2007
Sander Collection
User:Alain POIRAUD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chappe Telegraph System
Head Butler
The Art of the Title Sequence -
FILE Projects ~ Mudras
Bible illistration by Gustave Doré
Joe Hall and the Continental Drift
The Australian Index - Fashion Blogs
SAPAC - 2006
WWW-VL: History: United States History: 1960-1969 | 1960s history; 60's, JFK, Johnson, hippies, McCarthy, Vietnam, Rev. King, RFK, Cuba crisis, Apollo Moon landing
LoveToKnow 1911
* Le cabinet de curiosités du Professeur Boilot *
Evident Home - David Weinberger's Table of Contents
Tales of India - WTF
Pri's World
George Edward Anderson Collection : Browse
Eternal September - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blood-vomiting game
Devil dictionary
Viktor Schreckengost
Russian library (of sorts)
Spanish Blogs
Children in Internet. Painting.
Alabama Historical Map Archive
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980)
SpecGram—Speculative Grammarian Online
Presscom Contents
Shit fuck
YouTube - Apa Tani bleeding tubes Blogs - The Story of Poveglia Part II - Poveglia MySpace Blog
Desighn collections
Japanese Prints: The Dutch in Nagasaki
Betelnut pics
University union catalogue of Catalonia
100 Soviet artists
Ethnologue - languages
Eighteenth-Century Resources -- Art
Indian Railways' experimentation with eco-friendly toilets | Features | Down To Earth magazine
The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet
Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Blogs
MJP Journals
Walking as Art
Bridges Of The Nineteenth Century
Catalogue of Organisms
Poveglia Island of Horror : Phunk U
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Autour de la fessée
Museum of Other Art
LJ with pictures
Catalogs of Masonic Libraries that are members of the Masonic Library and Museum Association
Plumstead Stories
Sanxingdui - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Taiwan Panorama - Sanxingdui
Your Archives
reprint of article on Chinese eunuchs - Eunuch Archive Message Boards
Advert sounds
Medieval Women Interactive Exploration Mainpage
Europa Nostra - English
Things Of Interest
Gibberish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LibriVox public domain audio books
Free Fonts
Hanuman books on Flickr
Tales of Old China
Vincent Laforet - photography
Stephan Hoppe - links
Herbert Huncke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Warburg - Digital Collections
UKFC - UK Fortifications Club
Frog in a Well - The Japan History Group Blog
Infinitely zooming picture
Make an Edo photo
Placenta Blog
Video links
Norfolk Mills - Watermills
Dictionary of Vexillology: Table of Contents
Global Pagoda
Adinkra Symbols of West Africa
The Knowhere Guide
India: A billion aspirations » Blog Archive » All’s not fair in fairness cream advertising | Blogs |
Old China Hand Home Page
Captain Midnight
The Reverse Cowgirl
Tour .NU Web
Women Warriors Throughout History, 3500BC to 20th Century, battle, tournament, soldier, revolutionary, duellist, pirate, highwayman, general, gladiator, war, army, fighter, disguise, lady, female, maiden, military woman, female soldier, tar, navy, seama..
NotiCuba - Cuba
Pangborn - aviator
Ham radio - boomerang
Video Journal
National Fairground Archive
"Grote Reber" - Google Search
The Takao Club
Spaghetti Western Locations
Songs of Insects
Thought For The Day - imomus
Cased Photographs Project
Japanese linkdump
Umm Kulthum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities
Digital Projects in Special Collections
Laputan Logic
Odd music
Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea
Homing Pigeons
Art links
Digital Library of Illuminated Manuscripts
Eunuchs in Chinese history
Digital Library of Appalachia
showhistory - circus
The Cartoonist
"Bouvet Island" - Google Search
UCL Museums & Collections
Recipes at
Meeting of Frontiers: Digital Collections
Malagasy Encyclopedia
Hungarian history
Gem and Jewelry Links
Scribal Terror
Texas Beyond History
Odeo: Podcast hosting
London OZ covers
Bird eating deer
Sun Modular Datacenter S20 - Overview
Sorry I Missed Your Party
Hungarian history books
Egg dance
Illustrated bible
Gérard Cambon - Home
Openm source journals links
Cancer blog
Bum Wines
Positive Ape Index
Mappa.Mundi Magazine
A gallery of walls with stuff written on
Croatian Glagolitic Script
The Costumer's Manifesto: Asian Costume Links
Convivium Artium :: Food Representation in Literature, Film and the Arts
IsoBlox draw pixel boxes
World War II - Polish
The Antiquity of Man pseudoscience
Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Round Wooden Boxes
Suzanne G. - Giving Taste A Bad Name Since Kindergarten
DLS: Digital Library System
The Essential Black Tie Guide
History Rogues Gallery
John Nack on Adobe
Any Major Dude Music blog
lordxenu's Xanga Site
Scientology site
Tiny pottery
tamarin - African art
Ancient skeleton, tomb reveal complexity of Mayan life | Lifestyle | Reuters
Nano ecology - self harvesting
Freningen Motorvagnens Vnner - Motorvagn 15
Changing Indian history
Curiosities of Literature
Buying a submerged island
Adsense keywords
Order of the Elephant
Canadian links
Jagiellonian Library - Poland
Museum of Dust: June 2006
the wreckroom
Soviet museum
Seed vault LNL 1
Corporal punishment
Centropa - Jewish
Catalog from morbid
Penile plethysmograph
Irish Traveller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Binary Game
How Stuff Is Made - Xdesign
Publishers' Bindings Online
Airline Confidential
English Russian Election Terms
nasty nets
Belgium Rock And Roll
Which animal is the internet's first star? Here's the ranking!
Rare French books
Dictionary of Victorian London - Victorian History - 19th Century London - Social History
Kellscraft Studio On-Line Books - Books by Title
Catalan Photographic Archives - Alphabetical index
Hamas martyrs
Borsszem Janko - Jack Peppercorn
Tibet - Quest of the Nazis
John Burgess - UN peacekeeper
Jean-Martin Charcot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pigu - Japanese blog
Apothecary's Drawer Weblog
Kislak Foundation: Rare Books, Historic Manuscripts, Pre-Columbian Art
CTS - Centre for Textual Scholarship | Home
Images of Ancient Iran
Dutch images - broken links?
Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art
Disturbing Picture - Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community
Cosmas Indicopleustes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Circus Photographs, Illustrations
Morbid Anatomy: Catalog
The Official Site of Lucy the Elephant, Margate, NJ
Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces from the Hill Ornithology Collection
Carte cu poze - photography
British Armed Forces and National Services
Art Deco star shined brightly and briefly - Culture - International Herald Tribune
Steve Johnson's CyberHeritage International  - Ridgeway School
Right Some Good
About Japanese Puzzle Boxes
No. 339: Thoreau's Pencils
History in Focus homepage
Sushi Pictures
Leiden University
Russia war 1941-1945
Kadykchan - phantom city |
British History Online
Words - Public domain books
Jugend Magazine
Smithsonian Art Inventory
Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg - BNU
China Digital Times
Water Demo - Chirag Mehta
Coney Island History Articles
Iranian Traditional Dress
Airstream Photo Archive
Toto Bunko history
ESTER - TARTU Catalogue search
Great blog, made all the more interesting and exotic because I can't read it.
Botanical Garden of Nijmegen Botanical Garden of Nijmegen
Office of Rare Diseases
Andy Lomas homepage
THE DAILY BLEED: A Calendar of People's History: Events Eclectic, Not-to-be-forgotten, Radical, Labor, Alternative History, anarchist people & dates, underground events, biography & happenings: Public Secrets: Revealed... A TIMELINE, CHRONOLOGY, DATES O..
mihryutka: Стасис Красаускас (1929-1977)
The Loom blog
Soviet space pics
Cabinet de curiosités
WSU Libraries Digital Collections
The Online Books Page: What's New
Directory and harvester of digital resources: Introduction
POP3:void(0) - design links
Memory Board (Lukasa)
Ancient Damascus Steel Blades
Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library Home Page
Olaus Magnus - Carta Marina
Discover magazine
Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security
Panoramio - Photos by Tobias Kieser
MedCos: 15th Century Resources: links
radical art and politics
Tidbits of Times Past
Old Moscow
IUCr - Crystallography
watch hair chain
The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, by Raspe
Taller Digital. Investigate
Alaska's Digital Archives : Search Results
The World's Earliest Television Recordings - Restored!
What's Up: NYC
Learn Animation
Publisher Bindings
Aliza Shvarts: Abortion Goo Girl Rants Against the "Patriarchal Heteronormative" @ AMERICAN DIGEST
Philipp Otto Runge: Der Morgen (1808), Die Zeiten (1807)
The Curious Frau - Art Research
Kamat's Potpourri -- The History, Mystery, and Diversity of India
Peter Parker - Melbourne transport
Gloria's Mind
Essential Vermeer
Benjamin Verdonck - artist
John Musker, Jafar Parrot
Maledicta Press
UNI HH Fachbereich Biologie
Got the Blues
UK national archives
Nurse With Wound - Audion Guide - NWW list
Grand Text Auto
MEK (Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár)
Chinese art
Aspen: The multimedia magazine in a box
SMS money transfer
Bookplate Registry
ASL Browser
MonkeyFilter | Just ask Genghis.
Cory's Web LOG
Check maps
Country Studies
Soviet photos
Dirigible to carry the load in Arctic development
Russia - LJ
Michael Sporn Animation
Hungarian Periodicals
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) home page
A vanished sea reclaims its form in Central Asia - International Herald Tribune
Telegraph links page
Military Aircraft Nose Art
Construction of the Kayes-Niger Railroad
Internet Weekly Report
Instructables - The World's Biggest DIY & How To Show & Tell
Call Me Fishmeal.
Sir Thomas Browne: Pseudodoxia, or Vulgar Errors
Bob Staake - Posters
The Janus Museum
Longfellow Collection
Edwardian theatre stars
alastair’s heart monitor
Film-Tech RC Cola Ad
Quirky Japan
Bangalore , India , Karnataka, the Bangalore City Home Page: India Hello Bangalore Walla Namaskara!
The Open Video Project
mystery reviews and information
Posters, Images and Cartoons in War
The Fitzwilliam Museum : Online Exhibitions
YouTube - Fair & Lovely
Project Runeberg
Horse and carriage links
The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Artfactories - Art places around the world
Mudra - Hand positions of Japanese Buddhist Deities; Japanese Buddhism
news // current
All about China
The World Wide Panorama
Новости искусства @ARTINFO - сегодня в мире
Fat Man - interactive design & development collective |
T h e _ S t r a y links
Book Covers - critique
Balkon - Hungarian magazine
Soviet Museum
Elephant Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
An Unsealed Room - Allison Kaplan Sommer
The Drinking Fountain Association
japanese history links
RealityStudio » The Huncke Connection
Théâtre et cinéma
Random Citations
An open letter from Nickyskye
Cheshire Crossing
Nature from 1869
Mechanical TV
ICDL - International Children's Digital Library
Touch The Tail Light
Milwaukee Rock Posters
Old Mac icons
abandoned places
The Spelling Society.
Pennsylvania - Literary, Cultural Map
Wyoming Tales and Trails
SEO Rant
Form of clothing for the parts of the "Red Guards" | MOO "Kiev club" the Red Star "
Jackson C Frank
Radioactive Quack Cures
Lorenz Oken
Madagascar links
Fantastic... Image Record
Principality of Sealand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RC Cola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Larvatus Prodeo
Raffaele De Ritis' Novelties and Wonders
Bills Horse Troughs
Art on the Web: Links
Plane crash sites
Who The Hell Is Ilya Mourometz?
Interviews at Index magazine
Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble Little Hip Hop Site
Panoramik (360 Derece) Türkiye-İstanbul Fotoğrafları (QTVR) - Anasayfa
Russian artists
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem
Tommy Cooper
Latvia links
Furneaux, Tobias (1735 - 1781) Biographical Entry - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
Netherlands Architecture - Scent Fountain
Russin links
Stalinka: Digital Library of Staliniana, Home
Stupid Comics
Science fiction blog
New guinea refutation
Tiki Central Forums - Topic: 1957 Bacardi
Found On The Net
Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
Poems and Letters of E.J. Pratt
Rascagnes - movies
The Gertrude Bell Project
The Chairman Smiles - Soviet posters
Televison Experimenter
LacusCurtius • A Gateway to Ancient Rome
Digital Collections at Columbia
Navy Uniforms
'Don't worry, mom, I'm going to heaven' - Israel Culture, Ynetnews
Old radios
Nikolai Vavilov - Wikipedia
Reflexology Chart
Julian Cope Presents Head Heritage
Annis and George's Water Troughs on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Digital Collections - Lates Additions / Digital Library - Munich Digitisation Centre
danny_snelson's bookmarks on
French war records
Supereye Bertram
Mutant Irradiated Cockroaches Attack
meine kleine fabrik
Keith Dowman / The Divine Madman
Ticket tragic
Rare Medical Books
Unexplained Mysteries
Celebrating Women Writers!
vrolik - a photoset on Flickr
Deutscher Scherenschnittverein e.V. Internetpräsentation
Nokia 6300 Game
mac guff paris
Casual Gameplay Design Competition #3
D J Pettitt Transformations
Calendar- Museum of Insurance
m. migurski
Nee Naw
Black Liberation News
Australian Soundtracks
Early Visual Media
Military Photos
100 things we didn't know
Larvatus Prodeo in exile
Blesok no.56
Animal cognition journal
Prisoner's dilemma
Tasmanian perfume fountain
DeMoulin Masonic Lodge Supply Catalog No. 138
The Danish Monarchy - History - Royal Orders of Chivalry
Russian Archives Online > The Gallery > Krasnogorsk?
Lost British Television
"jingle dress dance" - Google Search


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